Auburn Bay Free Little Library - Federation of Calgary Communities

Auburn Bay Free Little
The story of a new community located in the deepest SE
corner of Calgary
Once Upon a Time…
There was a community named
Auburn Bay. This community was
beautifully situated around a lake.
Being in the deep south had it’s advantages. No hustle and bustle, no noise, no
lights from towers and sky scrapers.
Everyone loved the little community and all the
advantages it brought to their lives, but soon the
residents realized there was nothing to read, but
the flyers on their door steps. The nearest library
so far away!
Thankfully the residents of Auburn Bay heard of a solution!
“Little Free Library would be perfect for us” cheered the residents. “The
exchange of books, the discussion of books, and the neighborhood meet and
greets is more than perfect!”
Only one problem… the application was due in a matter of days! With a little
team work and brainstorming they decided what better way to creatively apply
than by making their very own story? The story came together and the
residents all cheered for the fantastic opportunity they were given.
Then the residents lived happily ever after, and grew many lifelong friendships.
Sometimes the best friendships are formed from discussing a fantastic, couldn’t
put it down book…
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