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•Download Windows 8 labs for C# and XAML
•Watch Hands on labs video series step by step
•Download Windows 8 labs for JavaScript and HTML
•Watch Hands on labs video series step by step
Cocktail Flow – Animation, Simple & Clean UI
Swissquote – Simple & Clean, Data Visualization
CBAZAAR – Nice background & Concept
Skyscanner – WorkFlow & UI
Askall - UI
The ESPN App – App Bar Functionality, UX & UI
USA TODAY - Simplicity
Next Issue Magazines – Creative & UI
App focus
User scenarios
App features
Making money
UI design
First impressions
UX Guidelines
Callisto (XAML – open source control project)
WinRT Xaml Toolkit
OxyPlot Charting Controls – (XAML/C#)
Sample App
Telerik (Both)
Sample HTML App
Sample XAML App
ComponentOne (XAML or HTML/JS)
Sample XAML App
ComponentOne Spread
Sample XAML App
Infragistics (Both)
DevExpress (XAML)
Sample XAML App
Syncfusion (XAML)
Development INFOKIT
Dev Download
Windows 8 Enterprise – 90 Days evaluation version of Windows 8 RTM
Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8 – Tool to build Windows store apps for Windows 8.
200 Win8 Sample App Pack - This package contains over 200 Win8 samples from Microsoft.
Metro Style Design Assets - These .psd assets include templates, common controls, and common components.
Bing Maps SDK for Windows8- Binaries & programming ref for the Bing Maps Win8 Control
Player Framework - an open source component of the Microsoft Media Platform
Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta 2 - consume On-Demand and Live Smooth Streaming content w/ PlayReady
Live SDK - The Live SDK provides a set of controls and APIs that enable applications to integrate Single Sign On
Multilingual App Toolkit for Visual Studio 11 Beta - Localize your Windows 8 app with translation support
Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8 – choose whichever ad platform you prefer in your app.
Get Started
Migrating your Release Preview app to Windows 8 - Breaking changes documentation from release preview
Get started with Windows 8 Apps - get started building exciting apps that are alive with activity.
Get started with Visual Studio 2012 –development documentation for Visual Studio 2012
Get started with Blend for Visual Studio 2012 – design UI/UX tool for your Metro Apps
Design UX for Windows 8 apps – Design principles, UX design patterns, detailed UX guidelines
Windows Dev Center Home – Links to Metro style app, Desktop app, Hardware, and IE development.
Learn to build Windows 8 apps – This guide walks you through the essentials of writing your first app.
Developer forums - Developer forums for Metro style apps covering designing, developing, and selling apps.
Selling apps in the Windows Store - Windows Store markets, developer agreements, and checklists to prepare.
Building Windows 8 blog (B8) – An inside look at how, what, and why different features of Win8 are being built.
Windows 8 app developer blog (D8) – Explores best practices for coding and designing Metro style apps - Windows 8 Keynote and session videos
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