B-Plan Template

Template for
First Investor Pitch
[Venture logo]
[optional: company one-liner]
[your name]
[your email address]
[optional: date]
Your Team
• Member 1 Name, Title/Role(s)
– Background info
• Member 2 Name, Title/Role(s)
– Background info
• Member 3 Name, Title/Role(s)
– Background info
[team photo]
[customer name/logo]
[big photo of your customer]
Why now is the right time?
[trend #1 image]
[trend #2 image]
[trend #3 image]
[optional: A Catchy Title]
[a picture to frame your backstory]
[optional: Idea teaser caption]
[Idea supporting image]
[customer name/logo #2] or
Product Demo
[image: product/service-in-action/screenshot]
Where we stack up
[2x2 matrix or other competitive positioning visual]
The Business Model
[visual describing your core business model]
The Progress Bar
• [accomplishments and learning]
The Short-Term Roadmap
Phase I
6 mos
INR xxxK
INR xxxK
• Phase I: [overview]
– [goals]
• Phase II: [overview]
– [goals]
• Phase III: [overview]
– [goals]
Phase II
18 mos
12 mos
INR xxxK
INR xxxK
Phase III
INR xxxK
INR xxxK
Fundraising Status
• Already invested: INR___K of debt/equity
– By [names/affiliations]
• Raising: INR___K
• Committed Investors in New Round
– [name/affiliation] [optional: amount]
Summary: [Venture Name]
[one-liner venture description]
• [key highlights]
[your company logo]

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