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What is Partners
for Life?
• Donating blood as a team
saves more lives – it’s that simple
• Joining Partners for Life helps
teams like ours get together
and make a difference
• Your participation is an essential piece
of the puzzle
1 888 2 DONATE
Together we can
help save the lives
of real people.
• Meet Nicholas, who is alive today thanks to
people who give blood
• Born prematurely, he required a blood
transfusion when his hemoglobin levels
dipped dangerously low
• “We are forever grateful to blood donors”
– Nicholas’ parents
1 888 2 DONATE
We can save more
lives together.
We have the power to make a difference
Help us meet our goal: XX donations by
• That’s enough to help X patients
undergoing leukemia treatment, X people
needing heart surgery, and/or X car
accident victims
• Please take a minute and register right
away at
1 888 2 DONATE
Insert photo of CEO or champion
Send the photo to the back
Delete this copy block
Choose appropriate clinic selection
Delete other copy options
Delete this copy block
A message from
<John Sample, Title>
At <Company Name> we achieve incredible things every day. Now,
with your help, we can add saving lives to that list. Together we
have what it takes to accomplish that goal. In fact, we can save XX
lives by <date> if we put our minds to it.
(Option 1)
And to make giving blood as convenient as possible, a Life Bus
shuttle will provide group transportation.
(Option 2)
And to make giving blood as convenient as possible, blood donor
clinics will be held right here in our <Company Name> lobby.
(Option 3)
And to make giving blood as convenient as possible, you’re free to
walk with a coworker to the clinic at <123 Anystreet Blvd, just 5
minutes south of here>.>
(Copy resumes)
Please support this cause and register at I already have.
Thank you.
1 888 2 DONATE
Please register today and give blood. Thank you.
Talk to your supervisor or contact
[[email protected]].
1 888 2 DONATE

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