Microwave Site Master™ S820E
“Site Master: Proven Accuracy and Reliability
you can trust”
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Advanced Architecture
World’s first 40 GHz handheld cable &
antenna analyzer = widest frequency
Highest Dynamic Range 110 dB typical
Highest corrected directivity = highest
measurement accuracy
The most built-in Waveguide calibration
support, 10 bands standard + 4 custom
Full 4 receiver VNA architecture
 Will support full reversing S-Parameter
1 MHz to 8, 14, 20, 30, 40 GHz Cable and Antenna Analyzer
measurements (Future VNA Option)
Highest RF Immunity (+17 dBm)
250 x 177 x 61 mm (10.0 x 7.1 x 2.4 in)
<3.0 kg (6.6 lbs)
1 Hz frequency resolution across full range
of operation, even up to 40 GHz
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Advanced Architecture
Uses same sampler technology as our
premium VectorStar™ VNA models
Instant On from standby mode
Highest RF Immunity +17 dBm
650 us/point measurement speed typical
New efficient circuitry delivers >4 hour
battery life
Rugged K(m) connectors on units 20 GHz
and above. Easily convert to N(f) type
without compromising field ruggedness
Ruggedized K(m) test ports
easily and robustly converted to N(f)
Measure long, embedded transmission
systems easily with USB Transmission
using 71693-R adapters
stands up to rugged field use
Sensor and USB Extenders
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Easy to use (Integrated Help)
Integrated Help function
 System Info Tab displays instrument info,
hardware info and software info in one
convenient screen
 FAQ Tab displays multiple frequently
asked questions. Touch any of the desired
questions to reveal the answer. Some FAQ
answers may include hyperlinks to the
built-in User Guide for more detailed
 User Guide Tab provides easy access to
Help screen illustrating
the instrument’s full HTML based user
multiple help selection tabs
guide. No longer need to carry a hardcopy
with you in the field
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Easy to use (Easy Guided Calibration)
Easy Guided Calibration
 4 step Cal Setup allows you to select from
a variety of calibration types, choose the
calibration type that best suits your needs
 Choose between Coaxial or Waveguide
line type and following calibration steps
will change accordingly
 Select the DUT connector type, photos
provide examples of what each connector
typically looks like
 Once DUT connector type is selected, the
selection of built-in calibration kits is
S820E Guided Calibration simplifies
narrowed down to models that fit the
calibration process, minimizes errors
chosen DUT type
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Easy to use (S820D-like Classic Mode)
S820D-like Classic Mode
 Mimics the same basic GUI operation as
the former S810D/S820D models
 Supports 2-Port Cable Loss like the
S8X0D series but uses extendable USB
sensors instead of basic diode detectors
 1-port measurements like the S8X0D
models, no Smith Chart, no 1-port phase
measurement helps to minimize confusion
and reduce errors with new users
 Switch to Advanced Mode when
comfortable to gain access to more
820D-like Classic Mode GUI
measurement types and more
Similar flow of operation compared
performance enhancing user control
to previous S8X0D models
features like adjustable IFBW
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Easy to use (All connectors conveniently located on top)
All connectors located on top
 Allows instrument to be used while in
protective softcase
 No need to spend time looking for desired
 Keeps sides clear for easy handling
 Reduces risk of cabling getting caught or
1. RF Port 1
6. DC Power Input
2. RF Port 2
7. Two USB 2.0 Type A ports
3. BNC External Trigger Input
8. Ethernet Port 10/100 MB/s
4. BNC External Reference Input
9. 3.5 mm Aux Headphone
5. USB Type Mini B
snagged on nearby items
Jack Output
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Versatile features and options (Advanced Mode)
Advanced Mode (Default)
 Additional measurement types like Smith
Chart, 1-Port Phase, Transmission (2 port)
Transmission (Ext. Sensor)
Dual Display Format
 Mix any 2 measurement types
 Simultaneously measure RL/VSWR and
2-Port Cable loss using external sensor
 Supports different calibration types for
each display, EG:Upper trace has
standard 1-port OSL calibration, lower
820E Advanced Mode
trace has 2-Port external sensor
Dual Display
transmission calibration
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Versatile features and options (Advanced Mode Continued)
System Function Tool Bar
 Provides one-touch access to common
system functions like Preset, Save, Help,
Screenshot, Mode Selector, Full Screen
User Defined Shortcuts
 Quick one-touch access to six favorite
user defined shortcuts. Recall favorite
setups without having to open Menu
screen or File menu
Additional Markers (8 vs 6) and additional
marker functions
820E Advanced Mode
System Function Tool Bar
And User Defined Shortcuts
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Versatile features and options (High Accuracy Power Meter)
Measure True RMS power accurately using
Anritsu MA series USB power sensors
 As low as ±0.16 dB uncertainty
Supports Inline High Power Measurements
with MA24105A
Easily configure upper/lower measurement
limits and scale
Displays both dBm and Watts simultaneously
 Choose which one you prefer as the main
 Easily add offsets to correct for external
820E-High Accuracy Power Meter
 Easily set relative measurements
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Versatile features and options (Standard Features)
3 Year Warranty (1 year on battery)
2-Port Transmission Measurements
2-Port Cable Loss Measurement
(requires external USB Sensor)
High Accuracy Power Meter
(requires external USB Sensor)
Ethernet 10/100 port
 Remote Control/PC File Transfer
3 USB ports (2 Type A, 1 Type mini-B)
 Remote Control/PC File transfer
 Peripheral device support
820E-0720 includes two
71693-R ruggedized adapters
as standard accessories
Large Internal Memory
 Internally store >2000 files
 Sweeps, setups, screenshots
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Versatile features and options (Standard Features)
Built-in GPS support (requires 2000-1723-R)
10 user selectable languages
Fast preview of stored sweeps
Large 800 x 600 8.4” Easy to read High
Resolution TFT Touchscreen
 Supports Daylight & Nighttime modes
 Touch screen provides efficient GUI and
ease of use, with or without gloves
 Alphanumeric keyboard
 EZ Name Quick Matrix for fast saving
820E-0720 includes two
 Can lock touch screen and use cursor
71693-R ruggedized adapters
as standard accessories
mode or USB mouse for instrument
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Versatile features and options (Standard Features)
Active Thermal Management
 Allows for faster warmup
 Provides superior measurement stability
 Passes stringent MIL-PRF-28800F Section Explosive Atmosphere
 Increases MTBF and reliability
Hi Capacity Li-Ion field replaceable battery
 Extend field operating time by adding a
spare optional battery
820E-0720 includes two
 Hot swappable when externally powered
71693-R ruggedized adapters
as standard accessories
S820E-0720 model comes standard with two
71693-R ruggedized K(f) to N(f) adapters
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Versatile features and options (Standard Features)
easyTest™ Tools
 Generate and share measurement script
files among multiple users
 Display images, work instructions, details
 Allows multiple users to achieve
consistent results with reduced errors
 Saves valuable time in the field
Line Sweep Tools (LST) Software
 Edit sweeps, rename, archive
 Generate PDF or HTML reports
820E-0720 includes two
 Convert RL/VSWR to DTF
71693-R ruggedized adapters
as standard accessories
 Convert RL/VSWR to Smith Chart
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New accessories supporting S820E (New calibration kits)
New series of high performance coaxial
calibration OSL/TOSL kits
 Specified across full instrument operating
temperature range: -10°C to +55°C. This
is an industry leading first
 Newly developed and manufactured by
Anritsu, not 3rd party OEM like most
competitor’s offerings
 Provides unbeatable performance up to
40 GHz.
 K type (2.92mm) mechanically compatible
with SMA and 3.5mm connectors
High performance, full temperature
Coaxial Calibration Kits
 1-year recommended calibration cycle
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New accessories supporting S820E (New calibration kits)
New series of high performance coaxial
calibration OSL/TOSL kits
 Male and Female Models with through
component have equal electrical length
 Each calibration kit comes with its own
soft case pouch, and includes hardcopy of
technical data sheet
 Cal coefficients are built into S820E
firmware, just select the model and the
analyzer takes care of the rest
 Other Anritsu hand held analyzers will
support new calibration kits via future
High performance, full temperature
firmware updates
Coaxial Calibration Kits
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New accessories supporting S820E (New Flexible Cables)
New series of 40 GHz high performance
phase-stable test port extension cables
 Available with Ruggedized K(f) connectors
to mate securely to S820E test ports
 Available with standard K type connectors
 Can be used with Anritsu bench top VNA’s
like VectorStar™ and Lightning™
 Provides best performance/price ratio
 Highly flexible for easy connection and
 Available in 0.6m and 1.0m lengths
14 Series Phase-Stable Flexible Cables
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New accessories supporting S820E (USB Transmission Sensor)
New SC8268 USB Transmission Sensor
 Designed to optimize 2-Port cable loss
measurement/2-Port Transmission (Ext.
Sensor) measurement
 Provides full coverage from 1 MHz to 40
 Delivers most accurate results with lowest
SC8268 USB Transmission Sensor
Slide 18
New accessories supporting S820E (USB Extender + Cat 5e)
New 2000-1717-R USB Extender
 Extends USB Sensor up to 85m for
measuring 2-Port cable loss on embedded
cables, or on any DUT with ends located
physically far from each other
 Completely passive, requires no additional
power source
 Use with standard Cat 5e cable available
everywhere (Cat 6 recommended for best
 Use with 2100-28-R Cat 5e cable to
S820E shown with 2000-1717-R USB
extend up to 22.5m or purchase custom
Extender and 2100-28-R cable and
length from local cable supplier
SC8268 USB Transmission Sensor
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Microwave Site Master™ S820E Cable/Antenna Analyzer
Advanced architecture, Easy to use, Versatile features and options
“Site Master: Proven Accuracy and Reliability you can trust”
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