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Ultimate goal is gain the sponsorship
 Build Trust with the sponsor
 Make sure both parties are “winners”
Do your homework
Know your alternatives or BATNA (best
alternative to a negotiated agreement) in
case the deal does not happen.
Know your counterpart
Know the Standards
Double and Triple Think-anticipate what
the other party wants (double) and
anticipate what the other party thinks
you want (triple).
External listening-actually listen to the
other party.
 Make an aggressive first offer.
› Present multiple, equivalent, simultaneous
› But NO more than 3 offers at once!
Move beyond “positions”
› Not be intimidated or intimidating
› Own you Power-”position power” never
assume because someone has titled position
that he/she is the “all power”
Always know the BATNA, (best
alternative to a negotiated agreement)
in case you aren’t successful.
 Trademarks
 Merchandising
 Company status
 Terms of contracts
 Past sponsorships
Fee and Payment Schedules
Lead time
Brand Positioning
On-site sales
Product Placement
Ticket Discounts or Premium Tickets
An important part of negotiating a
sport/event sponsorship contract
involves both the sport/event and the
sponsor agreeing on the fee and
payment schedule.
Prepare sponsorship
A sponsorship agreement between a
sport team and a local business should
benefit both parties.
When preparing a sponsorship
agreement, it is important for the
sport/event to include detailed
information concerning the sponsor's
marketing rights
Benefits included in the
sponsorship agreement:
 Exclusivity.
 Are companies willing to pay a
higher fee to keep competitors from
 Can the sponsee use phrases such
as “official sponsor” or “presented
Media package.
 Exactly what type of coverage will be provided?
 How much airtime will be provided?
 Will sponsors need to purchase additional media
 Will there be vignettes (short story, video or musical
 What type of signage will appear on television?
 Will ad space be provided?
 Will the sponsor’s name and logo be included on
information sent out about the event?
 Will the sponsor be able to conduct contests or
advertising campaigns?
 What type of signage will be available?
 Will rotational and virtual signage be used?
 Will banners be allowed or provided?
 Will luxury boxes, hotel rooms and VIP passes be
 Will
the sponsor have access to the
athletes or stars?
Merchandise rights.
 Will there be an area to sell merchandise?
 Will logos and trademarks be used?
 Are sponsors willing to provide products?
 How much non-cash sponsorship will be provided?
 Will the entity provide links to corporate websites?
 Will possible banner advertisements be provided?
By assigning a staff member to
communicate and coordinate activities
with each of its sponsors, a sport/event
organization facilitates goodwill by
servicing their sponsors. (making sure that
they are well taken care of from start to
endorsements for
When an event planner seeks celebrity
endorsements for an upcoming event,
she/he should make sure they are
credible and trustworthy.
The selection of a particular entertainer
to endorse a new product should be
directly linked to the company's image
What portion of the license agreement
specifies the exact begin and end dates
of the contract term
What does the license grant portion of
the license agreement specify Which
properties are being licensed and what
types of merchandise will be produced
What should every sport organization do
before registering a trademark Conduct
a trademark search for conflicting/similar
Professional sport franchises' marks are
considered service marks because of the
entertainment value of sporting events.
Trade Dress - product's physical
appearance, including its size, shape, color,
design, and texture. In addition to a product's
physical appearance, trade dress may also
refer to the manner in which a product is
packaged, wrapped, labeled, presented,
promoted, or advertised, including the use of
distinctive graphics, configurations, and
marketing strategies
It protects the distinctive
appearance/image of a good or
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