High School Redesign

High School Redesign
What is High School Redesign?
High School Redesign focuses on research and
innovative practice thinking where schools have
implemented strategies and approaches aimed
at transforming the high school experience for
students and teachers through changes to
school structure, culture, pedagogy or
leadership. There are currently over 100 high
schools in Alberta that are implementing high
school redesign strategies.
Principles of High School Redesign
Mastery learning
Rigorous and relevant curriculum
Flexible learning environments
Educator roles and professional development
Meaningful relationships
Home and community involvement
Welcoming, caring, respectful and safe
What is a Teacher Advisory Group?
The TAG is a combination of Grade 10, 11 and 12
students who are connected to one teacher in
the school. This teacher has the opportunity to
get to know students on a more personal level,
rather than a traditional teacher/student
relationship. The TAG teacher is a person that
students can go to for advice and support. TAG
will meet at various times in the year during Flex
What is a Flex Block?
Flex Block is a 40 minute class that will be held once
a week, on Tuesday mornings. You will have a
variety of sessions, tutorials and activities to choose
from each week. This is an opportunity for you to
do your own scheduling based on your learning
needs and interests. Everyone must make a choice
for Flex Block each Tuesday. Teachers will take
attendance just like in any other class. We believe
that Flex Block is important for you. Otherwise we
would not be doing it!
Flex Day Schedule
Block 1
Flex Block
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
8:37 – 9:52
9:52 – 9:59
9:59 – 10:39
10:39 – 10:46
10:46 – 12:01
12:01 – 12:43
12:43 – 1:58
1:58 – 2:05
2:05 – 3:20
75 minutes
7 minutes
40 minutes
7 minutes
75 minutes
42 minutes
75 minutes
7 minutes
75 minutes
Why are we doing this?
High School Redesign is not just about shifting a
timetable. It’s about shifting mindsets. While
the timetable shift opens the door for schools to
create flexible learning environments, the
mindset shift leads to changes in practice that
ensure the flexible learning environments are
used to support increased student engagement
in learning and improve student achievement.
Take a look at this video
Flexible Learning Environments
How do I register for my Flex Block?
You will have until midnight on Monday evening
to register for your Flex Block on Tuesday. This
will be done through Power School on your cell
phone, tablet or computer.
What can I register for in Flex Block?
Some of the possibilities include:
• Tutorials in Social Studies
• Computer Labs will be open
• Tutorials in ELA essay writing
• Tutorials for help in Balancing Chemical Equations
• Art classes
• Drumming circles
• Relaxation techniques
Stress management
Open session math help
Post secondary information
Accessing student loans
The library will be open for quiet study
Information on work experience and RAP
Extra time to complete projects in CTS
Try Com Tech if you have not been able to fit it in
your schedule
• Various guest speakers will be offering
Teacher assigned Flex Block
Your teacher may want to work with you during
a flex block. He/she might want to work with
you on a missing assignment, help you catch up
on work, assist you in your understanding of
learning outcomes in that course, have you
write a summative assessment that you have
missed. Your teacher will let you know that they
have assigned you into his/her Flex Block for
that day.
What are we doing next Tuesday in
Flex Block?
• You will learn how to register for sessions through
• You will have the opportunity to review your
marks and progress in your Semester 1 courses.
• You will have an opportunity to get to know the
people in your TAG.
• You will preview and register for the January Flex
Block sessions which will be on Thursdays for this
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