Gustine High School - Gustine Unified School District

Gustine High School
Math Department
Class of 2018
Math Progression
The “Why”?
“Why won’t my child have
Algebra 1 or Geometry?”
• Common Core State Standards
• Adopted by 45 states
• Gustine & Los Banos District Partnership
• Focus on critical thinking, explaining, modeling,
logic, problem solving, and analysis
“What is Different?”
• Courses are designed into units of study by
conceptual category
• Strong foundation for post secondary success and
career readiness
• 8 Mathematical Practices
• Algebra & Geometry Integrated
• Acceleration now at High School level
• Short & long answer vs. Multiple Choice exams
• Performance tasks
“What are my child’s choices?”
Class of 2018
Mathematic Sequence
Integrated Math 1
Integrated Math
Integrated Math 3
Pre Calculus
Advanced Integrated
Math 1-2*
Integrated Math
Pre Calculus
Placement Calculus
* Meets GHS Algebra I diploma requirement
** Meets GHS Algebra I diploma requirement when combined with integrated Math 1
*** A grade of “C” or better in the 2nd semester is required for a student to progress to the next math course
Integrated Math 1
• A-G Compliant
• 9 Units of Study
• 6 Algebra Units
• 3 Geometry Units
• Traditional Pacing
Advanced Integrated Math
• A-G Compliant
• 12 Units of Study
• 3 Geometry Units
• 6 Algebra 1 Units
• 3 Algebra 2 Units
• Faster Paced
• Greater homework and study commitment
• Basically 1 ½ years of mathematics in one year
Advanced Integrated 1 & 2
Placement Criteria
• Parent/Student Contract
• Student desire to be in the course
• Student participation in Summer Bridge (1st 3 units
• Good Attendance
• Middle School CST scores Proficient or Advanced
• Acceptable score on GHS placement test
• Middle School math grades A’s & B’s
• Teacher recommendation
• Good work ethic
“What is Summer Bridge?”
• Meets 4 days at GHS 8 am – 12 pm
• Wednesdays June 25th, July 2nd, July 9th, July 16th
• Students are expected to complete the coursework for the
first 3 units and successfully pass Unit 1, Unit 2 & Unit 3 exams
Pick up Parent/Student Contract tonight, if interested.
Turn it in to the Gustine High School office by 4/1/2014.
GHS will be in touch regarding placement test and Summer
Any questions, please call Gustine High School at 854-6414
or email
Mary Lee Hellner, Director of Student Services
[email protected]
Diana Andrade, Math Department Chair
[email protected]

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