Class of 2015 - Florence City Schools

High School
Course Selection
Futures Take Flight!
 Graduation Requirements
 Diploma Types
 Scheduling
 Career Tech Courses
 Lunch Options
 Athletic Eligibility
 Course Selection Forms
4 English
4 Math
4 Science
4 Social Studies
1 Physical Education*
½ Health**
½ Fine Arts
2 Foreign Language (Advanced
Diploma only)***
½ Computer Applications****
4 or 6 Electives (depending on
diploma type)
Total Credits: 24
Students must also pass the
Alabama High School Graduation Exam.
Physical Education – 1 Credit – PE, Athletics,
Fine Arts – 1/2 Credit - Art, Theatre, Graphics
Arts, Chorus, Strings, Band, Musical Theatre
Health – ½ Credit – Family Wellness, Health,
Intro to Medical Careers (1.0 credit)
Computer Literacy – ½ Credit - Complete if
you passed the course in middle school.
Foreign Language – 2 Credits of the same
language - Spanish, French, German, Latin
 Alabama High School Diploma with Advanced
Endorsement (Advanced Diploma)*
 Alabama High School Diploma (Academic Diploma)*
*A Career Tech Endorsement can also be earned on
these diplomas.
 Alabama Occupational Diploma **
**Only students with an IEP may
choose the AOD.
 Credit Based Diploma – option for seniors only after
Spring AHSGE
Advanced Diploma – College Prep
Minimum: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II with
Trigonometry, one more math.
Two years of the same foreign language.
Some students will take Honors core courses.
Academic Diploma – College Prep
Minimum: Algebra IA & B, Geometry A & B.
Occupational Diploma – Work Prep
Students have an IEP. There is a work component.
Students must take the AHSGE, but are not required
to pass the exam.
 Diploma change form must be
completed and returned to the
 Additional courses may be required if a
student changes diplomas
How do I decide?
Your core teachers will make a recommendation to you.
 What are your grades in high school?
 Do you have good reading and writing skills?
 How much time are you willing to put into outside work?
 Do you turn in your work on time?
 Are you self-motivated?
 High school students should spend at least one hour
studying each night regardless of the courses chosen.
 English 11/12
 Geometry A, Geometry B, Geometry, Algebraic
Connections, Alg II W/O Trig
 Physical Science, Earth Science, Ecology
 US History From 1877, Am Gov’t /Economics
Be sure to finish the PE, Fine Arts, Health, and
Computer Applications before graduation.
 English 11/12 or AP English 11/12
 Algebraic Connections, Alg II W/Trig, Alg III/Stats,
Pre-Cal W/Trig, Honors Pre-Cal, AP Stats, Calculus
AB, Calculus BC
 Earth Science, Human Anatomy/Physiology,
Astronomy/Meteorology, Chemistry, Physics, AP
Chemistry, AP Biology
 US History From 1877 or AP American History,
American Gov’t / Economics or AP Am Gov’t /
Be sure to finish the PE, Fine Arts, Health, and
Computer Applications before graduation.
 ACCESS – IVC / Web-Based
 APEX – Credit Recovery
 Dual Enrollment / Career Tech Articulation
 Electives
 Twelve For Life
Auto Technology
Business Education
Construction Technology
Family and Consumer Science
Hospitality & Tourism/Culinary Arts
Graphic Arts Technology
Health Science
Paired with lunch time, students will have a
unique opportunity to explore career paths
and participate in enrichment activities.
Stay tuned for more information!
 Means Academics FIRST
 Grade Requirements – Students must pass 6 courses
including 4 cores with an overall 70 average.
 Residence Requirements
 If you have questions, contact the Athletic Director,
Coach Briggs, or the activity sponsor.
 Students must take certain prescribed NCAA core
classes to be eligible to participate in college sports.
 Students must maintain a certain GPA and ACT or SAT
score to be eligible to participate in college sports.
 See your Athletic Director, coach, School Counselor or
visit the NCAA Clearinghouse at for the latest
 Students should think about their goals, interests, and
 Students should take classes because the class is
important to them, not because a friend is taking the
 Plan carefully when choosing courses. The Master
Schedule is made taking into account initial schedule
 Complete Course Selection Forms.
 All forms should be signed by the student and
 Counselors will collect Course Selection Forms in
English classrooms during the week of Mar. 28-April 1.
 Absolute deadline for return of Course Selection
Forms is April 22! Note: Counselors will create a
schedule for students who have not submitted
For more information, contact:
Alicia Chappell, Guidance Clerk
Glenda Page, Counselor, Grade 10
Wanda Riser, Counselor, Grade 11
Lori Lovelace, Counselor, Grade 12
The Sky Is The Limit!

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