Salem Community College and Woodstown High School Dual

Amy Kellen
Recruiter and Coordinator of Testing
 Dual Credit is a course for course equivalency
agreement between a college and a high school.
 Students earn high school credit and college credit for
the same course.
 The course counts towards graduation requirements at
both schools.
 Students take their regularly scheduled courses at the
high school.
 The courses are taught by the regular high school
 Students are eligible to apply for Dual Credit if they
earn a 73% or higher for the course.
 The college must approve the contents of the course.
 The college must have a financial responsibility for the
 The student earns a 73% or higher in an approved course.
 The student must complete an SCC Application for
The student must schedule to take the ACCUPLACER test.
If the student has received a 540 on the Critical Reading
and/or a 530 on the Math portion of the SAT, they would be
The student must complete a Request for Dual Credit Form
and submit an Official High School Transcript.
The students, or parents, must pay for the course by Check
or Money Order.
The high school grade will be converted to the SCC grading
 Cost
 Time
 Transferability
 Students pay standard SCC tuition of $50.00 per credit.
 A three-credit course would cost $150.00
 A four-credit course would cost $200.00
 No admissions fee ($27.00)
 No registration fee ($27.00)
 No college fee ($16/credit = $64.00)
 No technology fee ($15/credit = $60.00)
 No lab fee ($108.00)
 No textbook ($130.00 for used book)
 Total savings = $416.00
 Four credits at SCC with the Dual Credit Agreement is
$200.00 (lab science course)
 Four Credits at Rowan is $1,328.00
(2011 part-time rates)
 Total Savings = $1,128.00
 Students do not have to repeat Dual Credit courses
once they get to college.
 Students will be able to complete their academic
programs in less time because they have fewer classes
to take.
 Dual Credit courses should be accepted at most two-
year and four-year institutions throughout the United
 Dual Credit courses will look like any other course on
the student’s transcript.
 Complete an application to attend SCC and submit to
Ms. Bramante by Friday, March 2nd.
 Take the ACCUPLACER and test at required levels for
desired courses by May 31st.
 In order to take advantage of these credits, all
accompanying documents must be complete and
brought to SCC by July 15th. Beyond July 15th, the
agreement for college credit will be void.
 A&P Biology
 Honors- US History I
 Honors- A&P
 Honors- US History II
 Honors- Chemistry
 AP Calculus
 AP Chemistry
 Honors Physics
 English III- Honors
 AP Physics
 English IV- AP
 Introduction to
 At Woodstown High School:
 Guidance Office
 At Salem Community College:
 Kevin Catalfamo
Director of Enrollment and Transition Services
Phone: 856.351.2701
Email: [email protected]

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