Developing High Performance Teams

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Developing High
Performance Teams
With Dr. Sherene McHenry
Fully Engaged, LLC
[email protected]
Key Concepts
• One of the deepest human needs is to feel valued
and appreciated.
• Relationships deteriorate when people don’t.
• Negative behaviors ensue.
• People feel valued, appreciated and motivated when
they are spoken to in their language
Chapman’s Love Languages
• Are as different as
– Chinese
– English
– French
– German
– Spanish
• Miscommunication occurs when individuals
communicate in different languages.
Five Languages
 Feel valued and motivated when they receive compliments,
verbal appreciation and encouragement.
Quality Time
Feel valued and motivated when receiving undivided,
focused attention, quality conversation and shared
Feel valued and motivated when given gifts that show
the giver appreciates what they’ve done or knows
them well enough to know what they like.
• Feel valued and motivated when others see what needs
to be done and do it without having to be asked.
Physical Touch
• Feel valued and motivated when they receive meaningful
physical contact they enjoy.
Can People Be More Than One?
 Everyone has a primary language, most have a secondary
 All five are nice and generally appreciated, but we would
feel great sadness if we never heard our language again
 We tend to express love, value and appreciation in our
primary language
 We feel most valued, appreciated and loved when
communicated with in our primary language
Identify Your Language
• When was the last time you knew someone (boss,
coworker, spouse, child, friends…) appreciated you? How
did you know?
• How do you let others know you appreciate and value
• What “hurts” do you still carry with you?
• What do you withdraw when you are hurt, angry or
feeling unappreciated?
• What do you most often ask others for?
• What do you most often complain about not getting?
• Individuals long to feel valued, respected and
• The happiest, most loyal people (customers, employees,
co-workers, spouses, children...) are regularly spoken to in
their primary language.
• It is a choice to speak the language of the receiver.
• The mark of a mature adult is the ability to speak all 5
Based on The Five Love Languages
by Dr. Gary Chapman, Northfield Press.
Free Love Language Tool
Email [email protected] for your
copy of From the Horse’s Mouth: The Five Love
Languages Cheat Sheet Guide.

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