High School Connect

High School Connect
High School Connect
Revolutionizes the way colleges & high schools meet
Enables colleges and high schools to set up
live, online meetings with one another
Extend & respond to invitations
Track invitations & highlight upcoming meetings
Search dynamically for schools & students
Schedule live chats
8,700 high schools available
700 international schools
8000 domestic schools
13,000 registered counselors
Challenges For Overseas Counselors &
High caseloads
• Prevent personalized conversations
about college
• Average caseload is 460 students to 1
Numerous administrative tasks
• Takes away from college planning
with students
Maintaining relationships with
admissions reps
• Many transition institutions regularly
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Manual scheduling
• Numerous meetings with colleges
and high school students hard to
track, time prohibitive
Limited reach
• Counselors may miss out on scores of
colleges with whom they do not have
Budget & resource limitations
• Hamper college visits or other forms
of engagement
Challenges For Students
• Students are only directly exposed to
and can engage with colleges who can
physically visit the School or Advising
• Students might not feel comfortable
asking questions aloud in front of their
peers at college fairs or campus visits
Budget & resource constraints
• Most overseas students and families
do not have the budget or the time to
visit all of the colleges on their
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Information to make college decisions
• Average student applies to 11 colleges
- makes the process of narrowing
down options more complicated
Limited opportunity to interact
• Students have questions throughout
the year.. not just the one time they
meet the admissions rep in person
The Solution:
High School Connect
Enables colleges and high schools to set up live,
online meetings with one another
Colleges Reps can access an active network of
thousands of high schools globally and extend
invitations to meet their students online
Overseas Counselors & Advisers can share
colleges’ online events and resources with
their students – and engage them directly
• Strengthens existing relationships
• Expands reach & builds new relationships
• Saves time and cost, while yielding results
Honduran High School Students &
Counselor engaging with colleges
using High School Connect
High School Connect:
Builds lasting relationships between college reps, high school
counselors & their students to help drive successful student recruitment
For Colleges
• Easy, direct contact &
scheduling with high
• Recruit where you can’t be
• Approachable, online way
for students to engage with
• Expands recruiting reach
• More cost effective, less
time consuming than
traditional HS recruiting
For Counselors
• Direct contact with colleges
and admissions officers
• Easy scheduling & tracking,
lessens administrative
• Greatly expands reach offers students more
colleges to explore
• Brings college experts into
the classroom
• Enables closer relationships
with college reps, online
For Students
• Exposure to more
colleges than in-person
• Approachable, online way
to personally engage with
• Easily and cost-effectively
enables multiple
interactions with target
• Provides valuable
information about making
the right college decision
High School Connect:
Database Composition
Increase High School Reach
Dynamically Search for Schools
8,700 high schools available
700 international schools
High School
Graduation Rate
% Minority
8000 domestic schools
13,000 registered counselors
HS Student
HS Setting
Going Rate
ACT Score
SAT Score
% Free/
HS Religious
Search Features
College search for counselors &
High school search for colleges
Based on geography,
AP courses, ethnicity, etc.
Search filters find
specific school types
Based on majors, region,
type of school, etc.
Extend & Respond to Invitations
List view based
on dynamic search
Invite colleges through their
CollegeWeekLive College Page
Dashboards, Chat features
Dashboards track invitations
& highlight upcoming meetings
Schedule live chats
Expanding Reach &
Engaging Prospective Students
57% of international students report that no
colleges or universities from other countries have
visited their high school
• The University of Houston is overcoming this
challenge by participating in online meetings with
high schools
• They use CWL’s High School Connect, which
connects universities with high school counselors
• U of Houston regularly receives requests from
high school counselors to host an online meeting
for their students
“High School Connect gives
the university a way to
connect with students at
their feeder schools as well
as high schools that they
don’t visit in person.”
- Jeff Fuller, Director of
Student Recruitment
Helping Students Find
the Right College Match
AVID teacher Alfie Wheeler, Manteo High School, Manteo, NC
• Helping students to prepare for college –
and understand how much responsibility
they'll have once they get there
• Using High School Connect, Wheeler
invites public and private universities to
meet online with his students
• Wheeler shares the High School
Connect’s free lesson plans with his
students, giving them helpful tips on
how to research colleges
Wheeler’s students adopted High School
Connect as a trusted resource & use it to:
• Engage with universities through chat
• Learn about schools they hadn't
• Hear firsthand accounts about schools
• Take their first independent steps toward
college success
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High School Connect:
Counselor Quotes
“Our students are only able to interview in
person with the handful of colleges that
choose to visit our school. With High
School Connect, my students will be able
to chat online with admissions
representatives from a much broader
range of colleges and universities than
ever before.
“The issue of our Families not being able to
travel back to the USA for college visits has
been long standing and this
(CollegeWeekLive) can be a viable option for
all our students to receive important
information on colleges, requirements,
scholarships and valuable resources.”
Terry Henry, Ben Davis High School
—DoD liaison working on a base in Germany
"I use the free webinars all the time, and love that I can
bookmark things to watch or read later. What a great resource!
I am now sharing it with all the counselors I know. Thank you for
current, accurate, easy, and free information, and for making
connections with admissions reps so readily available!"
Adele Horwitz
The British School of Boston

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