West Forsyth High School

Mr. Bob Carnaroli
Bob Carnaroli
Sco – Z
Tracey Winkler
Jennifer Ciaccio
D – Hix
Maureen Wareham Ho – Me
Joanna Poynton
Mi – Sci
Claire Upchurch
Lori Stromie
Counseling Secretary
Individual Counseling (Personal, Social)
Academic Counseling
Support Academic Achievement
Intentional Guidance
Classroom Guidance
IF Lessons
Parent Information Programs
Ranked 910 (Washington Post’s list of “America’s Best Schools”
AP Merit School 2010 (AP Stem Achievement School -Silver)
133 Advanced Placement Scholars
28 International AP Diploma Graduates
75% scored a 3-4-5 on AP Exams
576 AP participants
Avg. SAT 1,085…..Avg. ACT 23.5
92% accepted into post secondary training
71% attending 4 yr. colleges/universities
77% attending college in Georgia
Normal Grading Scale:
AP Grading Scale:
90 -100
90- 100
80- 89
80 -89
70- 79
70 – 79
Report Card 9 weeks
Work Habits: 1: Does Not Meet, 2: Meets, 3: Exceeds
Assignment Completion
Interpersonal Skills
EOCT Courses (20% of final grade)
9th Lit/Comp
Math I/Acc. Math
Physical Science
Math II/Acc. Math II
American Literature
US History
Grading Weights
EOCT Courses:
Non-EOCT Courses:
75 % Summative
75 % Summative
25% Formative
25% Formative
Semester 1 = 40%
Semester 1 = 50%
Semester 2 = 40%
Semester2 = 50%
EOCT = 20%
4 English credits (9th Lit and Amer. Lit)
4 Math credits
4 Science credits (Biology, Physical Sci. or Physics)
3 Social Studies (W. Hist., US Hist., Gov/Econ)
3 Career/Fine Arts/For. Lang.
Health/Per. Fit
4 additional electives
3 Courses in a selected pathway
Enhance the educational experience
Provide skills/insight for future careers/jobs
Allows for self exploration
Just plain old fun
Culinary Arts
Family Consumer Science
(Robotics Club)
Business Education
Computer Science Technology
Communication Technology
(Broadcast Video)
Healthcare Science
Art – Chorus- Drama - Band
Dual Enrollment Opportunities
CNA (Certified Nursing Asst. ) am classes
Criminal Justice pm/evening classes
Accounting pm/evening classes
Computer Repair pm/evening classes
American Lit. or AP Lang/Comp.
Chemistry, Physics, AP Science, Earth Systems,
Env, Sci, Anatomy, Forensics, or Bio-Technology
US History, or AP US History
Math III, Acc. Math III, AP Calculus AB or AB/BC, AP
Stats., Math III Support
Foreign Language (Elective)
EOCT (20%)…pass all EOCT courses
GHSGT (ELA, Math, Sci, Soc. St. or an
EOCT course in that subject area)
Georgia High School Writing Test (Jr. yr.)
PSAT - FREE for 10th grade students
ASVAB (excellent personal/career interest inventory)
SAT/ACT (begin taking in winter/spring of Jr. year)
AP Tests (May)
Graduate from a HOPE-eligible high school
3.0 CORE GPA (all academic courses only)
Eng., Math, Science, Social Studies, For. Lang.
AP quality pts. (only .50 given for AP, nothing above a 4.0)
Meet Residency Requirements (legal resident of Georgia)
Registered with Selective Service (males only)
Cover 90% of tuition (based on Lottery Funds)
Award Amounts: $$$ varies and depends on the
type of institution you are attending. Students
attending Georgia public colleges receive a
HOPE Award amount based upon a per hour
rate at the institution he or she is attending.
Private Institutions:
Full time: $1,8oo per semester
Covers 100% of tuition (based on Lottery Funds)
Zell Miller HOPE Scholar Requirements
Core GPA of 3.70
1,200 SAT (CR+MA) on a single test
administration or a 26 composite on
the ACT
Pays for a % of tuition at all Georgia Technica
Colleges (based on Lottery Funds)
Gradate from a Hope-eligible high school
NO GPA requirement
Attend school …attendance is Key
Write down assignments (Agenda/Notebook)
Ask questions in class
Seek “EXTRA HELP” from the teacher
Read materials for understanding
Complete assignments on time
Complete assignments when absent
Study and prepare for class each night (weekends)
Re-write or type class notes (simplify material)
Make Note Cards/Flash Cards (terms, vocab, formulas,
dates, places, events etc.)
Read notes into tape recorder (auditory)
Study buddy to quiz and go over material
Find a place free of distractions to study
Read for understanding (highlighter, notes/flash cards)
Use mnemonics/acronyms as a fun tool for
understanding (www.fun-with-words.com/mnem_explain.html)
Recommended for college bound
Wednesday, October 12th
No Cost…Ga. Dept of Education
picks up the cost for all
All Juniors and their parents will meet with their
respective counselor beginning in November . This
meeting is considered the Pre-Senior experience.
Topics Include:
Appropriate college admissions testing (ACT/SAT)
Testing Timeline
HOPE GPA update
Senior Class Schedule
College Visits
Financial Aid/Scholarship
Senior Timeline
Scheduled in January
PSAT Results
Course Registration

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