The Roland VR-5
A TV Studio In
A Small Box
Tim Withers
Wayne County High School
Intuitive Operation with Dual Touch Monitors
The Program and Preview monitors are operated by touching the
screen, for easy selecting of video sources and Picture-in-Picture
position changes. The sound from the sources can be monitored
using headphones.
Simple Video Compositing
In addition to transition effects, picture-in-picture (P-in-P) and SPLIT
screen effects are also available. Simply select an effect and the
respective video sources.
Control Transparency with a Single Knob
Advanced video composition, such as placing a person or text over
a background video source, can be fine-tuned using a single
control knob.
Audio and Video from a PC
Connect a PC to the RGB connector for various
applications such as presentation, slide shows
and movie playback.
Full Digital Audio Mixing
Two mono and five stereo audio inputs (total of 12 channels) are
mixed with full digital audio processing. This results in a high
quality sound with effects such as "Noise Gate" for reducing
background noise, and a "Mastering Tool" to ensure consistent
output volume. The "Audio Follow" function enables the audio to
fade from one source to another as the video source changes.
Record to SD Memory Card
The built-in recorder can record the final output of the VR-5 to SD
memory card. Up to four hours of recording is possible when
using a 4GB card. The MPEG-4 capture format enables easy
sharing of recorded video.
The VR-5 can also playback video, still image, and audio files
from SD card. (Note You can use up to a 32 Gig SD card. Also the
card needs to be at least a level 10 card to work properly in this
VR-5 Image Converter (Win/Mac) Software for preparing data to
be played back from the VR-5 are available from:
Supported Formats: AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, MP4, DV
Output Controls
VIDEO OUT and AUDIO OUT knobs enable independent video and
audio fade-in/out levels. Press the "USER LOGO" button to display a stored
image such as company logo, show name or conference title.
Videos On YouTube About
the Roland VR-5
Roland VR-5 Overview Ch 1: Introduction
Roland VR-5 Overview Ch 2: Panel Layout
Roland VR-5 Overview Ch 3: Connections
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Videos On YouTube About
the Roland VR-5
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Roland VR-5 Audio Visual Mixer & Recorder
Roland VR-5 Training Video
WNAMM 2011 Roland VR-5
Wayne County High School
Football Video Made with the
Roland VR-5
Wayne County High School Football Game Example
Video can be found listed on the KET School Video
Project website: http://www.ket.org/education/svp/
For football games and other sports
we use two cameras: one pointed
on the scoreboard and one aimed at
the players.
The black box on the next to the VR-5 on the right is a “V-Brick” device
we used to stream video out to our school network.
The device in the foreground with the buttons is an old
Videonics Title Maker. They are very lightweight and
inexpensive ones can be found online.
I can monitor both the live inputs in real time with the preview screen.
This is our whole setup for
many sports events. In the
far background is an RF
Modulator box. It overrides
a local cable channel that
we broadcast live on. The
radio picks up the
broadcast from the local
announcers and it is fed
into the VR-5. The small
LCD TV sitting on top of
the V-Brick network box is
used to monitor the signal
feeding back from the
local cable station. The
headphones are plugged
into the output of the small
LCD TV. It is used monitor
the audio levels.
Wayne County High
School Graduation
Video Using the
Roland VR-5
The VR-5 was used to record both
the high school graduation and the
Senior Awards Night for 2013.
We used two cameras for both
events. The videos were recorded
onto the SD card in SP speed, and
the SD card footage was transferred
to a computer where it was later
made into a DVD. We used a
wireless microphone to get good,
clear audio from the stage.
Roland VR-5 A/V Mixer Demo: Wayne
County High School Graduation and
Awards Night 2013
This video can be found listed on the
KET School Video Project website:
Wayne County
High School
Wrestling Video
Made with the
Roland VR-5
Roland VR-5 A/V Mixer Demo:
Wayne County Wrestling
We used two inexpensive
Radio Shack microphones
for our two announcers.
This video can be found listed on the
KET School Video Project website:
An Assortment of Wayne County School
Videos That Were Created Using the Roland
All of these videos can be found listed on
the KET School Video Project website:
Wayne County Sixth Grade & Middle
School Christmas Performance 2012
Wayne County High School Christmas Concert
Our students created many videos about the presidential election in 2012.
The students operated the video production equipment, including the VR-5,
for each presentation. Many of the videos can be found at the KET School
Video Project: Election 2012 website:
I also collaborated with one of our English teachers, who helped her
students create some insightful video presentations. There are many
listed on the KET School Video Project website.
A Typical Setup
for Recording
Events in the
Wayne County
High School Gym
We used one camera up top and one camera on the stage. The large
camera was a Sony HXR 2000. The whole setup looks very much like the
one we use for sports events. The wireless microphone system provides
the audio in this case.
Spaghetti City or Constructive Chaos? It all works and took about half an
hour to set up this little TV broadcasting station.
We have decided to start upgrading our cameras when possible. This
camera we recently purchased we now use also for multi camera video.
I wish it had S-VHS output. What I use now are the RCA a/v outputs.
The component camera video outputs would be great to use, but the
VR-5 does not have component inputs. It has S-VHS in, RCA a/v in, and
PC RGB-in. The Sony HXR 2000 though is what we now use for events
when we don’t have room or time to set up the VR-5. It records video
onto a 64 Gig SD card.
Roland VR-5 A/V Mixer
Roland VR-5 information videos on YouTube
KET School Video Project

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