Ever After High

The end, is just the beginning when
you read…..
Ever After High
The storybook of legends
Ever After High belongs to the Fantasy genre
because it includes magical powers, mythical beings
and make believe events. The story is set in a
medieval universe, where things that could never
happen in real life take place. For instance, the
character, Duchess Swan is able to transform into a
swan at will and characters are able to perform
Students at Ever After High, live in luxurious dorm
rooms, in a castle that sits high on a cliff top,
overlooking the Village of Book End and the
Enchanted Forest. Good thing there are lots of
parties, because the forest is off limits and trips to
Book End are few.
Set in present day, the students at Ever After High,
are just like us, with one major difference---they are
fairytale characters. You never know who you will
meet, a royal or a villain.
Are you a Royal or a Rebel? You can be either one when
you read Ever After High.
Ever After High is about the daughter of the Evil Queen,
Raven [from Snow White] thinking about the Legendary Day.
The Legendary Day is when the Royals and the Rebels of
famous fairytale characters follow in their parent’s footsteps
and sign the Storybook of Legends. If even one character does
not sign the book all the characters in the story disappear!
Raven is a little shaky about becoming like her mom.
Everything is horrible for Raven when she enters Ever
After High. When she finds out that Maddie Hatter is going
to be her roommate, things start looking up. Maddie makes
everything better for Raven. However, the next day Apple
White is her roommate! Maybe things aren’t going to be so
good after all.
Raven goes to the Beginning of the Year Dance, but when
she walks in every one is frightened of her, she turns to leave,
but Apple makes her stay. Of course, it ends up being a
disaster and she is left with a mess. It is going to be a long
year. Several weeks later she finds out that someone didn’t
sign the book. Why? What is going on? Maybe a mystery is
just what she needs.
You have to read the book to find out what happens to
Who Would like Ever After High ?
I would recommend Ever After High to
fairytale lovers and kids who want to know the
mystery behind their favorite fairytale character.
Ever After High is also a great book for readers who
hunger for a suspenseful ending. This story is a mustread for those who long to follow their destiny, just
like Raven.

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