Health & HVHF [High Volume Hydraulic Fracking]

High Volume Hydraulic Fracking
Dr Carroll O’Dolan
• Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network
[FFAN] is a cross-community network of
individual Fermanagh residents.
• FFAN is not affiliated to any political party or
other organisation, but works with a broad
range of groups and individuals who are
concerned about the risks associated with
High Volume Hydraulic Fracking [HVHF].
HVHF versus Traditional
• HVHF is a new Industry & thus the
‘traditional fracking’ reassurances are
null & void.
• Research slow to get funding but now
large increase in number of
reports/studies since 2013.
• Growing evidence of negative impacts of
HVHF on Health.
• The ‘Boomtown effect’; includes
increased levels alcohol abuse, illegal
drug use and sexually transmitted
• Most people experience the down side of
HVHF with only a few benefiting from
• MVC [motor vehicle collision] rate
increase by 50% since HVHF has arrived,
especially rural areas.
• British Medical Journal
• ‘The correct conclusion that Public Health
England should have drawn is that the public
health impacts remain undetermined and that
more environmental and public health studies
are needed.’
• ‘As investigations of shale gas extraction in the
US have continually suggested, assurances of
safety are no proxy for adequate protection.’
• Infant mortality rose six times above the normal
background rate over three years since the advent of
HVHF at Uintah, Utah.
• Increased risk of congenital heart defects associated
with living within ten miles of gas wells.
• Decreased birth weight and increased premature birth
rate [both predictors of increased risk of life long ill
health] associated with women living closer to fracking
sites, cause; air pollution.
• The Colorado School of Public Health shows an
increased risk of ill health, both cancer & non-cancer,
of people living near frack pads.
• Dangerous levels of benzene in air around
fracking sites; Health Official states ‘The concerns
of the Public are validated’.
• 281% increase in Volatile Organic Compounds
[VOCs are known carcinogens and neurological
disruptors] predicted at HVHF area of Eaglesford,
• Research estimates total annual VOC emissions at
fracking sites are equivalent to 100 million cars
[USA currently has 150M cars on its roads].
• American Lung Association states air quality in
rural areas close to fracking sites now worse than
air quality in urban areas.
• Flowback water contain varying amounts of:
• Benzene [causes leukaemia, cancer and spina
• Mercury [brain and kidney damage].
• Arsenic [cancers].
• Ethyl benzenes [respiratory disease, fatigue &
• Toluene [birth defects & central nervous system
• VOCs {Volatile organic compounds}
[disrupts our endocrine system causing, lung, gut
and reproductive disease].
• Investigative Journalists uncover at least 161 cases of
water contamination from fracking between 2008-2012
in Pennsylvania.
• Colorado State data reveals more than 350 instances of
groundwater contamination resulting from more than
2,000 spills from oil & gas operators over five years.
• Methane is at least 2,300% [& up to 3,300%] more
potent as greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.
Methane leakage seriously worsens climate change.
The Medical science community now has very strong
evidence that climate change has a serious negative
impact on public health.
• University of Missouri team tested chemicals
used in one frack area. Of the 24 fracking
chemicals tested, all 24 interfered with one or
more hormone receptors in humans. There is no
safe level of exposure to hormone disrupting
• Albany University lead researcher states ‘Cancer
has a long latency, so you’re not seeing an
elevation in cancer in these communities [yet].
But in five, 10, 15 years from now, elevation in
cancer is almost certain to happen’.
Dr Zucker: Acting Commissioner of Health.
At HVHF Public Health Review publication. New York State Dec 2014.
“I asked myself, ‘Would I let my family live
in a community with fracking?’
The answer is no. I therefore cannot
recommend anyone else’s family to live in
such a community either.”

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