Oak Park High School Title I -Parent Meeting

Tonight’s Theme: Know your Rights!
Quality Learning for Every Student, Everyday
Change will not
come if we wait for
some other person
or some other
time. We are the
ones we've been
waiting for. We are
the change that
we seek.
-Barack Obama
Getting Started
• Please make sure you sign-in.
• Please make sure to provide an e-mail
address, if we don’t have one on file.
• Please submit your feedback & commentary
on our plans. [email protected]
Oak Park High School
Title I Annual Meeting 9/30 & 10/1
1. What is Title I?
2. What is our plan to support students & improve
academic achievement?
3. What is our curriculum?
4. How can parents help their students?
5. What are your rights as a parent/guardian at Oak Park
High School?
6. What can we do to increase parental involvement at
Oak Park High School?
What is Title I?
• Title I is a Federal grant program that provides
funding to help the school meet the academic
needs of students who are economically
disadvantaged. Title I schools have to:
– Create a school improvement plan
– Use research based strategies to help students
– Provide extra help for students most in need
– Give parents/guardians a strong role in improving
their children’s education
What are we doing to support our
100% Highly Qualified Teachers & Staff
Michigan Merit Curriculum classes
Maintaining Art, Music, & Athletics
After school tutoring
Credit Recovery
Providing social work, counseling, & support for
students with special needs
• Advanced courses (in school and off campus)
• Vocational & Technical programs (off campus)
What are we doing to improve
student achievement?
• Established a goal to raise proficiency 8% each
year in all content areas
• Implemented new enriched & accelerated
curriculum in English, Math, Science & Social
• Intensive teacher training in learning the new
curriculum and effective teaching strategies
• Expanded after school programs, including test
prep classes (in school & online)
• Required rigorous test preparation for all 11th
grade students.
• Re-established an honors program
What are we doing in Reading?
• Literacy Lab – A reading skills program
focused in reading skills that help students’
reading proficiency in all content areas.
• New ELA Curriculum – Rigorous lessons that
improve students reading skills over time.
• Teacher Training – Intensive professional
development so that teachers know the
curriculum and know how to deliver effective
What are we doing in Math?
• Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor – Students
complete two hours of Carnegie per week. Three
days are spent in the classroom learning new
• Teacher Training – Intensive professional
development so that teachers know Carnegie and
deliver effective instruction.
• Progress Monitoring- Staff closely monitor
student progress so that extra attention is given
to students who are behind.
What else are we doing?
Setting clear expectations for students, staff,
and parents.
Establish policy to provide more support for
parents in supporting their children in school
and at home.
Improving incentives for students to improve
attendance & behavior in school and in afterschool programs.
School Curriculum
Please review OPHS Student Schedule-At-A-Glance
Bottom Line: Students must pass all classes on their
Students must also obtain 40 hours of community
How can parents support?
Please review The Oak Park High School/Oak Park
Freshman Institute School Compact.
Most Essential:
 Check grades at least once a week to monitor
progress & connect with your child’s teachers.
 Ensure that your child attends school everyday, and
arrives to school on-time.
 Ensure that your child participants in available
support programs & services.
What are your rights as a
Please review The Oak Park High School Parent
Involvement Policy.
Most Essential:
 You have a right to provide input into the parental
involvement policy & the parent-school compact.
 You have a right to receive information regarding
your child & this school
How can we increase Involvement?
How can Oak Park High School be of better service to
parents & our school community?
How can we increase parental involvement at Oak Park
High School?
Next meeting is October 28th, 2013 at 6:00PM
Theme: Unlocking the genius in your child!

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