Advanced Programming at Southridge High School

Advanced Programming
Southridge High School
Competitive Colleges & Universities
Advanced Placement (AP) / International Baccalaureate (IB)
SR Scholar
Dual Credit thru PCC/PSU
Career Academies
Extra curriculars
Competitive Schools:
What they look for
Academic rigor in high school
Grades/rank in class
Weighted vs. unweighted
Test scores
Community involvement
Extra & co-curricular activities
Depth vs. breadth
Honors and Awards
How should my child prepare for
AP/IB or Challenge courses?
4 year plan
Honors coursework
CAPS (9th or 10th grades)
Pre ToK course
Students will be asked to speak and write with clarity
and precision on a variety of thought provoking topics
AP US History (sophomores)
Involvement in Clubs /Activities
‘Honors’ Designation
9th graders can earn ‘Honors’ in World History and
Government 9, Physics 1, and Lit & Comp 1 classes
Freshman project / paper
10th graders can earn ‘Honors’ in Lit & Comp.
STEM Chemistry
Students need to have one of the following:
Explore Science score of 21-25
Explore Math score of 21-25
OAKS science score of 247 or above.
Advanced Placement
College Level coursework
Offered in US History
(blocked with Lit & comp)
Offered in Statistics
Offered in Music Theory
AP Calculus exam available after Math HL I
College credit awarded through AP exams
Exams given the first two weeks in May
International Baccalaureate
Diploma Program
ToK, CAS, Extended Essay
CAPS (for freshmen & Sophomores)
College credit
IB night on Feb. 27th for more information
What is IB?
The IB Diploma Program is a rigorous pre-university program
leading to assessment in six subject areas. IB is noted for its
challenging curriculum and international perspective.
Students are also required to engage in community service,
individual research, and an inquiry into the nature of
Theory of Knowledge (ToK)
An additional class compulsory for full Diploma
candidates. ToK explores different ‘ways of knowing’
through different academic disciplines and cultures. A
philosophical exercise culminates in an essay that is
assessed externally by an IB examiner.
ToK is available to anyone
CAPS (9th or 10th grade)
Critical Analytical Problem Solving
Prepares students for the IB Theory of Knowledge class
by analyzing knowledge and developing critical thinking
Examines the history of philosophy and debate, as well
as several Ways of Knowing
Students must engage in Action (physical activity outside of
PE class), Creativity (creative endeavors outside of classes),
and Service (in the community) for a total of 150 hours
across two years of the Diploma Program. Students write
reflections on the activities.
Extended essay
A 4000 word authentic research paper on a topic chosen
from any IB subject. IB externally assesses this. Although
students select faculty advisors, this is independent student
Can students take IB courses and exams without be a
diploma candidate ?
Can students take an IB course and not take an exam?
Do colleges and universities give credit for IB exams ?
Is it possible to participate in Band or sports and the
IB program?
How rigorous is the diploma program ?
Dual Credit Courses
PSU credit offered for IB Spanish coursework
PCC credit offered in:
ASL coursework
Several computer courses
Southridge Scholar Diploma
GPA of 3.5 or higher (unweighted)
Minimum of 26 credits earned
Third level of a world language
1.0 credit in the Fine Arts (visual / performing)
Career Academy Endorsement /Senior project
At least 2 extra curricular activities
IB Diploma candidates automatically earn a Southridge
Scholar Diploma
Career Academies
Performing Arts: vocal, instrumental, theater
Business: Accounting, management, marketing
Engineering & Design
Information & technology
Social, human & government services
Career Academies
Complete prescribed course work
Propose and complete a Senior Project
Mentorship, job shadow, or internship related to
Research/reflection paper
Presentation to teachers, student, comm. members
Examples of Past Projects
Designing and creating a prom gown
Re-building a small engine
Establishing a school improvement club
Teaching to elementary students
Science research project
Directing a play
Creating a video
Get Involved !
Extra and co-curricular activities
Awareness to Action
Performing Arts
Speech and Debate
National Honor Society
Key Club
Leadership / Student Government
Many more !
Thank You

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