5 killer tips

5 Secrets
To Surviving
The Startup Jungle
With Mike Seiman, CEO of CPX Interactive
What we’ll cover
About Me
About CPX Interactive
The Story of CPX
Mike’s Five Killer Secrets
Mike Seiman
CEO and Founder / Chairman, Board of Directors
• Co-founded CPX Interactive while a college student at Hofstra
University in 2001
• CPX’s CEO since its inception
• E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Semi-Finalist 2009 & 2010
• Long Island Business Network ‘40 Under 40’ 2013
• Advisory Board Member of Hofstra University, Board of Directors
Hebrew Educational Society and Children International
• A comprehensive digital media company
• We serve over 4.5 billion impressions daily
• We have 10+ years of experience in digital
• Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing privately-held advertising
companies in 2008 & 2009
• OnMedia Top 100 Private Company 2012 & 2013
The Story of CPX (a Prelude)
In the early 2000s, I was a self-motivated
publisher who found ways to make online
advertising more efficient.
Bootstrapped my way to success. Still
bootstrapping as CPX has never taken any
significant investment.
CPX Interactive is now more than 95
employees strong.
The Story of CPX
Now…The Five Killer Secrets
to surviving the startup jungle
Killer Secret #1
1. Stay motivated. Don't give up
when times are tough. Don't
settle when things are going well.
Killer Secret #2
2. Love building your
company. You can be
motivated by success
and money but if that’s
all its about, you’ll
never be GREAT.
Killer Secret #3
3. Find a good life
balance. Every
entrepreneur knows
they need to be on
call 24/7 but at least
manage to be
available while doing
fun things.
Killer Secret #4
4. Build a team of
friends. There is
no better way to
get through the
tough times and
enjoy the
successes than to
be surrounded by
Killer Secret #5
5. Build a profitable
business right away.
Don't forsake profits just
for the hope of a later
pay day. This helps you
remain in full control.
5 killer secrets review
Stay motivated.
Love building your company.
Find a good life balance.
Build a team of friends.
Build a profitable business right away.
We found our way out of the jungle!
Thank you!
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