7 Week 5 - Center

7 Week 5
• Abode (v): place where someone lives; home
• Canny (adj): careful, cautious, prudent
• Adv: cannily
• Adj: Uncanny (odd, mysterious)
• Yearn (v): to have a strong desire; to long
• Retort (v): to reply, often in a sharp way
• N: a reply; usually severe or witty
• Persist (v): to continue a course of action; to
• N:persistance
• Adj: persistant
• Adv: persistantly
• Beseech (v): to beg urgently or earnestly; to
• Adj: beseeching
• Adv: beseechingly
• Grueling (adj): exhausting; very tiring or
• Adv: gruelingly
• Preposition: usually small word that is ALWAYS
followed by an object (noun or pronoun) that
shows a relationship between that object and
the rest of the sentence.
• Think of a room full of chairs…and a kitty.
– OVER the chair, UNDER the chair, AROUND the
chair, THROUGH the chair, ON the chair, OFF the
chair, BEYOND the chair, BENEATH the chair…

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