bib express special order tire program

• Bib Express is a rapid delivery program serviced through Michelin's wholly-owned
distributor TCI, which has 80+ distribution centers across the US.
• This program is intended to supply non-stocking items to address our member’s needs.
It is not intended to replace normal orders of in-stock tires.
• The online ordering system will allow you to order via the local distributor (TCI) via the
BIB Express system when inventory is available, OR to order through the Michelin
distribution center as needed.
*Test site has been set up for training purposes. Paste this
URL into your browser:
User Name- Costco110
Password- mich2003
You may use this to get familiar with the site and place
"dummy" orders prior to your regional rollout. Because it is
only set up for location #110 it will not display the local
distribution center information for most warehouses.
NOTE: Only Michelin and BFG tires are available through this program.
*The following tire lines are not currently available through Michelin’s portal: Defender
XT, X-Radial DT & X-Radial LT2. They CAN be ordered the traditional way over the
Follow these instructions when placing
You must determine vehicle fitment the
standard way before processing orders.
Make sure to have the Costco item
number available before accessing the
Michelin site.
• Open Internet Explorer at the bottom
of your screen.
• Type into the
address bar. *You must enter www. to
prevent multiple security alerts.
• User names and passwords will be
provided prior to your warehouses'
launch date.
• Once login is successful, click
EBUSINESS at the top of your screen.
EBusiness page will now display BIB Express
menu on the left-hand side.
Select 'Check BIB Express Availability'
Searches may be done by entering your
Costco item number in the Stock # field;
this is the default search method.
Searches may also be done by MSPN # or
size (when selecting the ‘Search by Size’
If using the ‘Search by MSPN’ option, up
to 5 different Stock #s can be entered for
the search. Clicking ‘SEARCH’ or Enter on
your keyboard will initiate the Search
Results page.
Search results will display availability in
both the local TCI distributor’s
warehouse as well as in the Michelin
Distribution Center.
If stock is available at your local
Distribution Center, enter quantity and
click 'Submit Bib Express Order' directly
from Search Results page.
After making selection, Bib Express Order
Inquiry page will display to confirm order
status and show the following information:
1- Status, 2- Purchase Order Info, 3- BIB
NET Order #, Reference TS#.
If any error messages display, PO has not
been submitted. You must contact
Michelin Customer Service at 1-800-8478475. You may also email [email protected] Contact the
Costco Service Desk during off hours 1425-313-8001
If stock is NOT available at local
distributor's location but is showing
available in the Michelin distribution
center, enter quantity and click 'Michelin'
order. *This replaces the need to order
over the phone.
'Search by Size will ONLY display stock that
is available within the local TCI
distributor's warehouse, not within the
Michelin distribution center.
Michelin order page will display with
product(s) from search already
populated. Enter Purchase Order
information as BIBX (very important
that only BIBX is keyed, no spaces,
numbers, etc) and click 'Commit Stock'.
Once order updates to commit stock to
order, click 'Send to DC' to schedule the
order for delivery.
New feature- The FAB column allows
access to features, advantages and
benefits for the individual products. Click
icon to view/print this
information for increased member
• To view any previous order, click “View
Orders in Process” and select your choice
from the drop down menu next to Order
Status. You may also search by Purchase
Order #. Click the SEL circle for order and
click 'Inquiry' to view order details. For order
status information on SUBMITTED orders,
please contact the local TCI distributor
• When viewing a previous order, every
piece of information will be visible
including: item information, dates, PO #,
quantity, etc.
For login help or navigation questions call 1-888-624-2638 or email [email protected] If not available, call the Costco Service Desk for
login/password issues (425-313-8001). If you have questions or comments regarding the
Michelin Bib Express program please email or call your Regional Operations Manager,
Sunny Kathlean [email protected] (425)313-6437 or Zach Jones [email protected]
Unlike normal special order tires, BIB Express tires will arrive while the
warehouse is open and be delivered directly to the Tire Center not to receiving.
The following steps should be followed when handling BIB Express tires during
normal warehouse hours:
After placing BIB Express order create a special order invoice in Option
When the tires are delivered the Tire Center Manager or Supervisor should
be the one to verify the tires, sign and date the accompanying paperwork.
Be certain a PO is referenced on the paperwork.
Enter the tires as “Received” in Option SPOT.
Paperwork must be forwarded to the Receiving Manager to be keyed by
receiving as soon as possible.
Mark tires as “Special Order” and place in the designated location.
Contact member to schedule an appointment for installation.
Receiving will key these tires according to the paperwork and the Inventory
Auditor should perform physical counts as necessary.
Link to original- Warehouse Operations Memo
Michelin Bib Express FAQ's
1. Is this program replacing Michelin Special Order?
No. Ordering from Michelin DCs will continue to be an option. Costco only will have the ability to
order from their servicing DC within the Michelin B2B portal. (see Costco Training Manual for more
detail) If the tire in unavailable via Bib Express or their servicing DC through Bib Express,
associates should special order tires utilizing the same process they have in the past. (phone)
Can TCi provide tires from an alternate DC for an extra fee?
This service is not allowed by Costco. If the local TCi does not have the tire on hand, Costco should
contact Michelin for Special Order availability.
Which product lines are available through Bib Express?
All Michelin & BFG product lines except dedicated product lines (Defender XT, X Radial LT2) If
these items are needed, they can be ordered from Michelin on the Bib Express site or through the
Customer Service team.
What if a delivery is made with no PO# on the delivery document?
Do not accept delivery from TCi. Contact Michelin Customer Service Team (1-800-421-2197)
What if the truck arrives with the wrong tire? Or not the right amount of tires ordered?
The club should not sign for or accept delivery if product is not correct. Overages, Shortages, or
Damage claims need to be noted on the delivery document (BES - TCi work order) and resolved
with the servicing Bib Express - TCi location. Once the tires are signed for and received – they are
treated as if they came from Michelin, and should be returned through the Michelin Customer
Service team.
How are returns handled?
Once the tires are signed for and received – they are treated as if they came from Michelin, and
should be returned through the Michelin Customer Service team. As normal, customer returns,
adjustments and billing errors must be handled directly with your Michelin Customer Service Team.
Where should tires be delivered?
Deliveries should be made to the Tire Centers, not receiving.
Do members pay for the tires before or after the tires arrive?
Members pay for special orders before the tires arrive.
Can this service be utilized for fulfillment?
That functionality is not available at this time.
How many tires can I order at one time on Bib Express?
A maximum of 8 tires per CPN per transaction is allowed.
When will tires arrive for orders placed over the weekend (Fri pm/Sat/Sun)
Orders placed over the weekend hours will be delivered on Monday.
Can I cancel an order after it has been submitted?
Once an order has been submitted, it is extremely difficult to cancel. The recommended action is to
deny the delivery when it arrives.
What should I do if I'm experiencing troubles with the website or my log-in/password?
Contact eBusiness Help Desk 1-888-624-2638 or Costco Service Desk 1-425-313-8001

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