MidNite Solar`s Local App software and Communications protocol

MidNite Solar’s Local App software
and Communications protocol.
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Ryan, Technical Support Manager
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*Classic Communications Ports
*MidNite devices that use the
*My MidNite
*Local App software
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ModBus. What is it?
Modbus is a serial communications protocol published by Modicon (now
Schneider Electric) in 1979 for use with its programmable logic controllers
(PLCs). Simple and robust, it has since become a Standard communication
protocol, and it is now amongst the most commonly available means of
connecting industrial electronic devices. The main reasons for the use of
Modbus in the industrial environment are:
*It has been developed with industrial applications in mind
*It is openly published and royalty-free
*It is easy to deploy and maintain
*It moves raw bits or words without placing many restrictions on vendors
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An Island off the East Coast.
Where the installer is using
ModBus with there own
program to control and
monitor 30 Classics as well
as the inverters and other
data from the site.
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ModBus. What is it?
ModBus Protocols supported by MidNite
Typical MODBUS:
*MODBUS RTU over RS-232 serial line.
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ModBus. What is it?
ModBus Protocols supported by MidNite
Extended MODBUS:
MODBUS-over-http: this is a home-rolled MODBUS transmission
protocol where modbus PDU packets are sent over an HTTP
channel. HTTPS is too heavy for our processor so we use a variant of
the SRP key-exchange protocol in order to secure the
communications. We use a secure block encryption utilizing large
single-session keys. Each Classic is equipped with unique encryption
keys so a compromised device can be blacklisted.
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Classic Communications
The Classic has several
different ports available on
it for communications.
There is an RS232 Port, USB
and an Ethernet Jack
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Products that use
Classic and Classic Lite
Smart combiners
Whiz Bang 1000
Other new electronic gear
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My MidNite
*Web Based
*No complicated Router setup
*No always on PC needed
*Available anywhere in the world where there
is Internet
*Supports all MidNite Internet capable devices
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Local App Software
*Software based on the PC so no Internet
*Fast refresh rate (As fast as the connection
can handle)
*Allows direct connection to PC for
Programming Classic
*Available Now
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Ryan Stankevitz
MidNite Solar
360-403-7207 XT 151
[email protected]esolar.com
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