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About Tim, InterKnowlogy & Actus…
InterKnowlogy (www.InterKnowlogy.com)
Tim Huckaby, Founder/Chairman ([email protected])
Custom Application Development / Consulting / Software & Systems Engineering Firm headquartered in Carlsbad, CA
Design, Architect, Build and Deploy Enterprise Class Applications
Industry Experts:
Most of the employees are published, MVPs, RD, Speakers, etc.
Microsoft .NET Application development since 2000
Microsoft .NET Rich Client Pioneers / Industry Leaders
Microsoft Touch Application Development Leaders (Surface / Windows 7 / Silverlight 3)
Information Worker Solutions (VSTO & SharePoint)
Integration / Messaging, B2B / B2C, Wireless / Mobility
Leading Edge: Surface, WPF, Silverlight, Win7 touch, SharePoint, VSTO
Cutting Edge Solutions on emerging Microsoft technologies
Largest Client: Microsoft
Actus Software (www.Actus-Software.com)
Tim Huckaby, Founder/CEO ([email protected])
• Software Product Company, Coming soon…
A little bit about me and why I am here…
Touch Capable Computing: Using Natural User Interface (NUI) Technologies Improve
The User Experience
Multi-Touch Software built in Microsoft .NET: WPF, Surface, Silverlight, & the phone…
Hardware & Software Platforms for the Natural User Interface (NUI)
NUI enabled applications used to improve the communication, education and user
experience across the software continuum.
The 3 Manifestations of NUI: Multi-Touch, Gestures, Neural
Demos, Demos, Demos
Acer Aspire 1420P
Give away “free” to all attendees at the 2009 PDC
One year old…
Price in October-2009: $420
Price in November-2009: $350
1972: PLATO IV Touch Screen Terminal
The Microsoft Surface
Windows 7 Multi-touch
Future (Now)
Inexpensive Touch Capable, Non Proprietary Hardware
A Multi-Touch Capable Windows OS
A Consistent Multi-Touch API for .NET across 3
Windows Hardware/Software Platforms
Developer Productivity in Touch Capable Apps
The Forecast of Touch Capability in Every New
Computing Device in the Short Term
History of Surface
The concept of an interactive table
is born
A dedicated group is formed,
and more than 85
prototypes are developed
The first prototype
is presented to Bill
The look and feel of Surface is
Microsoft Surface is unveiled to the
Sample Hardware
HP Touchsmart tx2
N-trig (2-10)
Dell LatitudeXT2
N-Trig (2-10)
HP Touchsmart IQ816
Resistive Think Push Down and drag
How to touch
Capacitive Think Electric Impulse
How to touch
Infrared Think laser pointer(s)
Developer Platform
Navigating and consuming the
Reading and sorting email
Viewing photos
Playing casual games
Consuming music
and video
Navigating files and arranging
At the root is the touch developer platform that exposes touch
APIs for any application
UI Enhancements
Focusing on core scenarios, many parts of the core UI optimized
for touch experiences
Using Microsoft Office
Multitouch gestures enable consistent panning and zooming in
most applications
Powerful Multitouch-focused applications to ship separately from
Windows 7
Lightweight WPF runtime
XAML-based Tools
<Button Width="100px"> OK
from our Marketing VP Madeline Pantalone:
“It's okay for you to use application for demonstration as long as you
are sure to preface it with the phrase: "This is test data
only. Products you see may have been created for testing purposes
XBOX Kinect (Natal)
Motion Based Interface
Availability: November 4th
40 million Xbox 360 owners
RGB camera, three sensors
(one depth sensor, one motion sensor, and one multi-array microphone)
tracks full-body movement, facial expression, and voice with precision
Navigate the entire Kinect Hub interface on your Xbox 360 without touching a
conventional 360 controller.
While you're watching a movie, you can verbally instruct the Xbox to stop, fastforward, rewind, exit out, etc. by calling out easy commands like, "Xbox. Fastforward." or "Xbox. Pause.“
Kinect sensor bar scans and monitors 1 million points on the body
XBOX Kinect (Natal)
• Tim Huckaby
• Founder / Chairman, InterKnowlogy
• Founder / CEO, Actus Software
• Microsoft RD & MVP
XBOX Kinect (Natal)
The Bad News:
Not many applications at launch
Not really any applications at launch; just games
“little kid games…”
No exposed API at launch, plus the
legal restrictions of “hacking it”
No building your own apps
No integration with any of the Microsoft Stack
No vertical solutions
….for the immediate future
Conscious and non-conscious Interfaces
High fidelity EG acquisition device
No conductive gel, etc.
Use Case Examples:
• Conscious: mind manipulation of objects
• Non-Conscious: Ranking music
• First target market: gaming
• $300!!!
• Tim Huckaby
• Founder / Chairman, InterKnowlogy
• Founder / CEO, Actus Software
• Microsoft RD & MVP
Emotiv SDK
C++ Header files and Import Libraries
…which means…
Wrap the SDK in managed C++ thereby exposing a the
API to a C# application
It ships with sample C# code
That is very powerful…
The Natural User Interface
Multi-Touch Capable
Common gestures of touch
Gesture Capable
Motion Based Interface
Tracking of full-body movement, facial expression, and voice with precision
Neural Capable
Conscious and non-conscience interfaces
Non Invasive
We are at the Cusp of the NUI computing revolution
There are still many “standards” yet to be adopted
Multi-Touch computing will become a mainstream aspect of NUI and consequently
of software development
 Paradigm Shift from GUI to NUI (Natural User Interface)
Touch capable computing changes the way you design systems and differentiates
your applications
Shifting from desktop applications to multi-touch based applications will be a
cultural change like the mouse was
There are other components of NUI other than just touch…
 Neural & Gesture based interfaces
Founder/Chairman, InterKnowlogy
Founder/CEO, Actus Software
Microsoft® Regional Director – Southern California
Microsoft® .NET Partner Advisory Council Founder / Member
Microsoft® MVP - .NET
INETA Speaker – International .NET Users Group Association
Board Member: Association for Competitive Technology
Board Member: Dev Connections
Author / Speaker
Contact me: Tim Huckaby
E-mail: [email protected]
Office: 760-444-8640
Mobile: 619 990 9200
Blog: http://team.interknowlogy.com/blogs/timhuckaby

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