Anna Bradley

Senior Interaction Designer
781 883 9179
Hi! I am Anna.
I’m a problem solver. I help development teams create interfaces that are easy to use.
I’m a user experience professional dedicated to delivering engaging interfaces with
an emphasis on functional clarity. This file represents some of my recent and not so
recent work as a Senior Interaction Designer.
In my current role, I am functioning as the UX Lead, managing a small team of
designers that works to minimize the complexity of a recently released, enterprisegrade, version 2.0 N-tier application, touchstone ™, for the Catastrophic Insurance
industry. A few years back I worked on bank fraud detection systems for a different
company and prior to that on web-based interfaces for a mutuality insurer.
I’ve included some samples of my recent work on the following pages. Most of the
content is associated with Touchstone that I have been dedicated to for the past 2+
years here at AIR Worldwide.
Best regards,
Anna Bradley
Anna Bradley
Low fidelity task flow for proof of concept
Used to clarify tasks sequence during requirements
definition and negotiation phase
Anna Bradley
Introducing a new
concept to the team,
a rapid prototype
using Axure
superimposed onto
screenshots, other
times on its own
Navigable and
interactive the
wireframe provided
Several ways to view
the data were
presented to choose
Anna Bradley
A way to manage long
lists of objects was
We created a paper
prototype that we then
used in a usability
With lessons learned
we created an
interactive wireframe
and specification for
developers to use
Anna Bradley
It is often
important to
doodle before
you sketch
And sketch
before you
Sometimes things get silly!
Anna Bradley
Thank you for taking the time to review my recent work and a sampel
of older work. I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Anna Bradley
Anna Bradley

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