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User Virtualization and Profile Management
Solution for Virtual Desktop Deployments
Presented by
John Flatbush
[email protected]
Liquidware Labs
ProfileUnity – Use Cases and Benefits
User Persona
ProfileUnity Architectural Overview
Portability Management and Migration
Filter Management
Configuration Management
Thinapp Management
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Liquidware Labs Background
• Founded in 2009, with offices in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL & Vich,
• Founders with track record of successful start ups: Foedus and
Vizioncore; both acquired
• Acquired two companies; VMsight and Entrigue Systems
• Triple digit year-over-year growth (2009-2011)
• Privately held
• Key alliance partners include VMware, Citrix, Dell, NetApp, EMC, Cisco
• Award-winning suite of solutions; patented technology
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LWL Desktop Transformation Phases
• Categorize users &
applications (VDI FIT/APP FIT)
• Identify usage patterns &
• Baseline user experience
• Validate users (UX) to baseline
• Tweak, tune, scale
• Monitor endpoint, to
datacenter & related
servers (UX & Compliance)
• Identify target users
• Create migration and
remediation plans
• Create infrastructure &
shared image design
• Choose deployment
• Virtualize applications
• Migrate user settings & data
• Deploy virtual desktops &
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ProfileUnity Solution Benefits
• One persona per person, not per physical or virtual
machine – saves overall desktop support &
management costs
• Save storage and management costs by rolling out
non-persistent virtual desktops
• Save costs associated with migration from XP to Win 7
• Seamlessly manage users with uniquely applied
settings dependent on logon location, type, etc.
• Enable Anytime Migration™ from physical to
virtual and XP to Windows 7 – Instantly!
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ProfileUnity Use Cases
• Enable users to roam and/or migrate between any Windows OS
- XP/2000/Win 7/Server 2003 & 2008.
• Migrate users from Windows XP to VMware View – Instantly!
• Migrate user authored data (i.e. .doc, .ppt, .xls, .jpg)
automatically to local or external cloud storage.
• Optimize user profiles with granular management.
• Apply context aware settings such as printers, applications and
• Mange VMware ThinApp Inventory and Provisioning of
shortcuts, cache packages locally
• Eliminate logon scripting for mapping drives, printers, shortcuts,
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User Persona Separation and Storage
Centralized Storage of User Persona Ensures access from any OS & Automatic Disaster Recovery
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ProfileUnity Architectural Overview
Central Management
Domain Controller
Client .exe resides here
Zero-Touch Client
(Cached Copy)
Network Storage
Copy of profile and
data reside here
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What is the PUPClient.exe Software?
• The PUPClient.exe consists of seven default files
totally roughly 3.5 MB
• In addition to these files, the profileunity.lic will need
to be copied into this directory along with any
configuration (*.ini) files
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ProfileUnity: Profile Portability
Migrate User and Application Settings
• Leverage existing investment in User Profiles
• Migrate v1 Profiles (Win2K/XP) to v2 Profiles (Vista/Win7/2008)
• Create a familiar feel to increase User Acceptance / Expectations of new platform
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ProfileUnity: Data Migration
Migrate and redirect files and folders to the users’ network file
•Invokes Best Practices for User Authored Data
•Lowers profile size dramatically
•Serves as DR for mission critical data
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Filter Management
• The Filter Management
Section allows the admin to
create different filters
based on many different
criteria that can later help
to provide more granularity
of profile management
– Ex. Department Filters based
on AD group might be used to
provision different
departmental drives that are
department specific
Like the Portability
Management Tab, this tab
merely defines the possible
filters, they are applied
under Configuration
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Configuration Management
• The Configuration Modules provide the “assembly”
of the profile management instructions.
• Each section is optional and can be used globally
(i.e. across all users) or through the application of
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Config Management—Portability Settings
• Select the filter (if applicable), the Action, the Rule
Set from the Portability Management tab, UNC save
• The UID can be changed from the default random
value—this value will be the name of the 7z file that
will be created/updated upon logoff
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Config Management—Portability Settings
• Each portability rule set will result in a 7z archive that is created
and stored in a network accessible location where the user has
read/write access
• The files are stored in their native format
• Larger 7z files may result in longer logon/logoff times and may
need to be tweaked to exclude certain directories to “tune” or
improve performance
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VMware ThinApp Management
•Deployment – network, cache, and delete options
•Inventory – of all ThinApp packages
•Licensing – dynamic user license count of packages deployed
•Dynamic assignment– based on location, machine type, IP, etc.
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Manage VMware ThinApp Packages
ProfileUnity v4.7 now allows you complete profile management + the
ability to provision, publish, and entitle your entire Vmware ThinApp library,
to any user, anyplace, anytime – whether it be physical desktop, virtual
machines, online, or offline users based on your IT policies and filters.
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Other Configuration Modules
• Each of the 27 modules are
processed in top down linear
• Modules can be utilized as
• Each configuration module
has an associated help menu
that provides an explanation,
syntax, and other tips as well
as a list of macros that can be
utilized in a configuration
• After a config is created, it
needs to be downloaded to
theProfileUnityfolder specific
the specified path in the GPO
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Thanks for your time!
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