WZ pre-visit Primary Teacher resource pack

Pre-visit information for
primary school teachers
Thank you for booking your visit to
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
This resource is designed to give you all the information you need for your
visit and is structured into the following sections:
Before your visit – a checklist to ensure you are prepared for your day
How to get to the Zoo – arriving by coach
On the day of your visit
Information to help prepare your students
After your visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
1. Before your visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
Have you:
Received your confirmation letter from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo? Print this to
bring with you on the day
• Used the visitors’ map to plan your route around the Zoo?
• Planned which free talks and shows to attend on the day?
• Printed free self-guided activity sheets you could use with your class?
Checked out the information for your risk assessment?
2. Getting to the Zoo – arriving by coach
Only 20 minutes from the M25 (junction 21), ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is signposted
from the M1 (junction 9 and junction 12) and all major roads - just follow the
elephant on the above map.
Coach parking
Coach parking is free for schools during termtime.
Coach entry
Coaches are not able to enter ZSL
Whipsnade Zoo, however a free Safari Bus
provides transport once visitors are inside the
Coach driver benefits
Coach drivers accompanying a group to ZSL
Whipsnade Zoo are eligible for free entry into
the Zoo and a meal voucher.
3. On the day of your visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
• Enter the Zoo through the Main Entrance and show your confirmation
letter to the gate staff.
• If you need to be invoiced – the gate staff will organise this for you
• You are welcome to bring packed lunches with you, or there are various
catering outlets throughout the Zoo where you can buy lunch
• The first aid and lost child point is the Estates Office near the Discovery
Centre. If anyone goes missing, please alert a staff member or call our
reception on 01582 871500. It may be helpful to have the Zoo phone
number in your adult helpers’ mobile phones during the visit.
• Supervision ratios - It is Zoo policy that all children under 16 must be
accompanied by an adult, therefore all school groups must be supervised
throughout their trip. If any group is unsupervised, teachers will be
contacted and asked to re-join their group.
4. Helping your students prepare for their visit
This section is designed to help your students prepare for their visit.
It covers:
A. When you arrive at the Zoo
B. Places to see in the Zoo
C. A session with a Discovery & Learning Officer
D. Free talks and shows to see
E. Some extra information
F. When you leave the Zoo
If you choose to display this pdf in viewing mode in a presentation to
your students, please refer to the pages that are relevant to your
A. When you arrive at the Zoo
You will enter ZSL Whipsnade Zoo through the Main Entrance
B. Places around the Zoo
At ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, we have over 200 different kinds of animal
for you to see!
Cheetah Rock
Meet Dubai, our mum of five cubs!
Check out some amazing Cheetah
fast facts: www.zsl.org/zslwhipsnade-zoo/exhibits/cheetahrock/cheetah-facts,858,AR.html
Rhinos of Nepal
Come face to face with
Jamil our baby rhino
(born in December
2012), his mum Behan
and dad Hugo.
In with the Lemurs
Did you know a group of lemurs
is called a troop?
We have two troops at
Whipsnade: altogether we have
11 boys and 6 girls.
Can you count them all on your
walk through?
Asian Elephants
Amur Tigers
Come and see these majestic big cats
Wild Wild Whipsnade
From moose to honey badgers, wolves to bears, there are some amazing
animals to see at Wild Wild Whipsnade
Lions of the Serengeti
We have seven lions in our
Whipsnade pride.
The lion with the mane (Dad)
is called Spike. We have cubs
called Max, Kia, Kato and Tato
who are now seven years old.
When you are in the zoo keep
your ears ready as you may
hear the roar of our lions!
Discovery Centre
Snakes, lizards, frogs and bugs are all waiting for you
to find in the Discovery Centre!
Come and visit our chimpanzees in their fantastic enclosure. The indoor
gymnasium or ‘chimpnasium’ provides the group with a variety of opportunities
for swinging, playing and even sleeping in the high level hammocks!
Climb the stairs to meet our giraffes
Did you know, giraffes have the same
number of neck bones as humans?
We both have seven bones in our
necks – but theirs are much bigger!
Common & Pygmy Hippos
Come and see our two hippo species. Can
you believe they are more closely related
to whales and dolphins that any other
Common Hippo
Pygmy Hippo
Red Panda
Jumbo Express
Take a ride on our steam engine through the
habitats of some of our animals!
The Jumbo Express has restricted running
hours during the year so please check the
website to make sure it is available on the day
of your visit
School groups of at least 40 pupils must preorder by phone.
Groups of less than 40 pupils must purchase
tickets from the ticket booth at the platform.
The train journey takes 10 – 15 minutes
C. A session with a Discovery &
Learning Officer
You may have the chance to meet one of our Discovery & Learning
staff for an activity.
These are lots of fun - you may get to touch real objects from the
natural world or even meet a live animal.
Your activity will be delivered in a room like this!
D. Free talks and events
There are lots of talks and events happening around the Zoo you may wish to
see. Maybe you’ll go to see the Elephant talk, or the Birds of the World
display show.
E. Some extra information
Eating lunch
If it is sunny you can eat your lunch outside on the
If it is not so warm you can eat lunch in one of the
covered areas around the Zoo
Remember to put your
litter into a bin – or
even better, a recycling
When you are visiting the animals
To see the animals and watch
them behaving naturally, you
need to be quiet so the
animals don’t feel scared
Our animals are fed special,
balanced diets. Make sure
they don’t get any extra food
from visitors as it can harm
If you get lost…
Make sure you know the adult who is with your group on the
If you get lost, find one of the zoo workers (wearing a green
uniform) – they’ll take you to an office where your adults will
come and meet you.
Estate Office for First
Aid & lost property
F. When you leave the Zoo
At the end of the day it’ll be time to say goodbye to the Zoo and go back to
school – remember to come back and see us soon!
4. After your visit to ZSL
Whipsnade Zoo
• We greatly appreciate any feedback from teachers, so please fill out
the online questionnaire at:
• For your next visit, make sure you check out the ZSL What’s On
calendar www.zsl.org/zsl-whipsnade-zoo/whats-on/
• If you need to get in touch, email us at [email protected]
• If you would like to keep up to date with learning news and events
at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, make sure you sign up to receive the ZSL
education e-news at www.zsl.org/zsl-whipsnade-zoo/schools/signup-for-emails

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