Harbour View Grade 5 parent meetingx

Harbour View
Grade 5 Parent
Transitioning from
Elementary to Middle
By Crista Jones Jan.8, 2015
Como Lake Middle School
 The
majority of Harbour View students will
attend Como Lake Middle as it is the
regular catchment for many students at
Harbour View.
 There will be a Grade 5 parent meeting in
the spring and students will attend the
Grade 5 tour of their middle school
around the same time.
Ecole Moody Middle School
 Late
French Immersion – Parent
Information Meeting is on Wednesday,
January 14th at 7pm. Moody Middle is also
a designated school of the arts where
they integrate arts programs into their
school schedule.
Banting Middle School
 Late
French Immersion – Parent
Information Meeting is Monday, Jan. 19th
at 7pm. Banting will visit those Harbour
View students interested in the program
on Thursday, Jan. 15th.
Montgomery Middle School
 Montessori
Parent Meeting on Tuesday,
January 13th at 7pm.
 Late Montessori program – You need to
contact the principal, Rob McFaul, for an
application. They only admit a limited
number of students.
 Grade 5 parent information meeting for
all Montgomery students will be in the
spring as will the Grade 5 tour.
Scott Creek Middle School
 Late
Montessori program – you need to
contact the principal, Mr. Rob Foot, if you
want an application to this program.
Hillcrest Middle School
program is for designated gifted
students only. There will be a district-wide
MACC parent information meeting at
Heritage Woods Secondary Theatre on
Thurs. Jan. 8th at 7pm. Applications are
online and are due on January 14th and
Cross Boundary Transfers
 Cross
Boundary Applications – are done
online at www.sd43.bc.ca
 from Feb. 6 at 9am until Feb. 18th at 4pm.
 It’s on a first come, first served basis.
 It is not necessary to apply for a cross
boundary transfer if your child is
accepted into the MACC program or late
immersion program.
Transitions to Middle School
It is normal for your Grade 5 child to feel worried
about moving to middle school. For many, it is an
unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces. They feel
outside their comfort zone.
What do they worry about? They worry about such
things as: remembering locker combinations and the
class schedule, being “thrown” into lockers by older
students, having friends in their classes.
How can you help? Reassure them that they
adjusted to elementary school in Kindergarten and
again in intermediate grades, and that they have
more skills and more maturity than they did when
they were four or five. Help them to think “Green
What to Expect
Your child may ask for a phone in middle school. This
is your decision as a parent.  Be aware there are a
variety of plans you can purchase. If it includes data,
this can bring along it’s own set of challenges.
During adolescence, many children start to shift their
centre of attention away from their family and more
towards peers.
Some children will start to spend more time behind
their bedroom door on electronic devices. It is helpful
to limit their time on these devices and be sure they
are not stored in bedrooms at night.
Instead, place them in a safe and secure location at
night so they can get a restful sleep.
What to Expect - 2
Maintain or build in a scheduled family night
Movies, games night, a family hike or bike
The purpose is to continue to build your
relationship with your child and keep the lines
of communication open.
They will likely need to come to you at some
point when they have decisions to make
about peer influences.
A useful book to read is “Hold on to Your Kids”
by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate.
Things to Remember
 Breathe!
 If
you are feeling anxious about the
transition, your child will sense your anxiety
and will begin to feel the same way
about middle school.
 You want this to be a positive experience
for your child. 

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