OHSAA Sports
Information Night
February 16, 2016
OHSAA Sports
Information Night
● Scott Pierce - Athletic Director
● Link to OHSAA Rules and Regulations
● Highlights of OHSAA & Kenston Policies
● Athletic Trainer - Viviani McKinney
● Parent Information: Kenston Athletic Boosters
● Student Information: Kenston Krazies
OHSAA Sports
Information Night
Scott Pierce, Athletic Director
543-9677 x 8500; [email protected]
DJ Stelmarski, Administrative Assistant
543-9677 x 8505; [email protected]
Viviani McKinney, Athletic Trainer
543-9677 x 8200;
[email protected]
OHSAA Sports
Information Night
-Updated OHSAA Rules and Regulations may
be found here.
-Here are some highlights:
You MUST have the following forms
completed, SIGNED, submitted to the Athletic
Office within the last calendar year in order to
tryout/practice. All forms are available on the
Kenston Athletics webpage:
OHSAA Sports
Information Night
-The Pre-Participation Physical Form,
including Medical Exam & Clearance Pages
(pp. 1-4)
-OHSAA Authorization Form (p. 5)
-OHSAA Eligibliity & Authorization
Statement (p. 6)
**The Ohio Dept. of Health Concussion
Information Sheet** (Separate Form)
OHSAA Sports
Information Night
-The following KENSTON forms must be reviewed and/or
submitted (all available on the Kenston Athletics
A. KHS Athletic Dept. Assumption of Risk/Insurance
Waiver Form; Review and follow up as needed for
additional insurance enrollment
B. KHS Athletic Code of Conduct
C. Tobacco/Alcohol/Drug Guidelines for Athletics and
-Submit the KHS Athletics “Sign Off Form” acknowledging
review of all of the above and completion of OHSAA
OHSAA Sports
Information Night
Important OHSAA Guidelines for Participation:
1. Must have passed the equivalent of at least 5
full credit courses in the preceding grading
period (3rd qtr, 2015-2016). For KHS, this
means at least 3 of 4 first semester courses.
2. In addition, Kenston commands that students
maintain a GPA of 1.5 or above for all courses
in a given grading period to be eligible for
athletics the following grading period.
OHSAA Sports
Information Night
For students in grades 10, 11, or 12 that
transfer to the Kenston Local School District,
please schedule an appointment with the Athletic
Director and your Guidance Counselor to ensure
that all transfer paperwork is completed and
submitted properly to the OHSAA.
4. Athletes may NOT participate in a private
(club) program of the same sport in the same
season of interscholastic participation.
OHSAA Sports
Information Night
Physical Education Waiver Form
-Students wishing to waive the Physical Education
requirement for Ohio High School Graduation must
complete 2 seasons of interscholastic competition. This
may be 2 seasons of the same sport or 1 season each of
2 different sports.
-The Coach, Athletic Director, Guidance Counselor, and
Principal must approve this waiver.
-Forms may be picked up in the Guidance Office
OHSAA Sports
Information Night
IMPACT Testing - Concussion Management
-Viviani McKinney, Athletic Trainer
-Training Room Procedures
-Prior to starting the season, all Freshmen, Juniors, and
athletes new to Kenston are REQUIRED to take the
IMPACT Test as a baseline measurement tool used in
evaluating cases of concussions/head injuries.
-Instructions make be found at the Kenston Athletics
OHSAA Sports
Information Night
Team Breakout-Information Sessions

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