Co-wheels Car Club
& Alternative Energy Cars
Tony Archer
Co-wheels Development Coordinator
Aberdeen & Dundee
What is Co-wheels?
• Social Enterprise
• 38+ locations in the
UK and growing.
• On street car hire
• Go-Low model is our
fleet management
packaged as an
alternative to Grey
Co-wheels use of Conventional cars
• Most of our 200 plus
strong fleet of cars
comprises of either
diesel or petrol cars.
• Lowest emission class
vehicles dominate our
Co-wheels & EV’s
• EV’s Limited by lack of
charging infrastructure.
• Leasing Costs
• Mainly L.A. & NHS pool
car use to date.
• E-Bikes are available.
• No Hybrids
Electric Vehicles
• Plugged In Places
• 2013 1st EV deployment
in our Scottish Car Club
• 3 Nissan Leafs & 1
Mitsubishi MiEV
• EV problems
EV benefits
Ideal city use cars
Air quality benefits
Cheaper operational costs.
Quirky and offer marketing potential.
EV The Next Generation
• Hydrogen Club Cars
• 350 mile range.
• Co-wheels -1st Car Club
in the World to trial a
Hydrogen Club car.
• Aiming to introduce
hydrogen club cars in
Hydrogen Roll Out
• Manufacturers
agreement 2015
• 1.5 m H-cars -2030
• U.K. 65 sites initially
rising to 1150 in 2030.
• Scotland's renewables
capacity important.
Co-wheels Hydrogen Club Cars
• In partnership with
Aberdeen City Council.
• Possible conversion of
existing EV’s.
• May access new
Thank You
Tony Archer
Co-wheels Development
Aberdeen & Dundee
[email protected]
Tel: 07788319605
The Bridges Centre
2 Poynernook Road
AB11 5RW
Tel: 07788 319605
Email: [email protected]

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