The Electric Car, Driving Down Your Business

The Transport Challenge
Transport accounted for 21% of Northern
Ireland’s total GHG emissions in 2010
90% of all transport emissions comes from
road transport
65% of all transport emissions in 2010 came
from cars alone.
NI has a dispersed rural population of 1.7
million and a very extensive road network of
25,000km per capita
People in NI are very dependent on their
private car – over 80% commute to work by
car or van everyday
63% of car journeys are less than 5 miles
17% of car journeys are less than 1 mile
Proportion of Trips by Distance: 2009 - 2011
> 5 m iles
< 1 m ile
1 to 2 m iles
2 to 5 m iles
The Policy Challenge
NI Programme for Government target to reduce GHG emissions by 35% by 2025 (on
1990 baseline levels).
In 2010, transport emissions in NI increased by 26% on 1990 levels.
Fuel prices have increased by 39% in the past 3 years
Electric vehicles are part of the solution.
UK-wide ULEV Policy
Minister Norman Baker launched the government’s
strategy to drive forward the ultra low emission vehicles
(ULEVs) industry in September 2013.
Vision: By 2050 almost every car and van will be an
ultra low emission vehicle with the UK at the forefront of
their design, development and manufacture.
£500 million of new capital investment between 2015
and 2020 to continue to support the development and
adoption of ULEVs in the UK.
a growing fleet of, and private markets for, ultra low
emission vehicles (ULEVs)
a network of charging points and other infrastructure
making ULEVs an attractive proposition
the development of world class skills and facilities for the
development of ULEV technologies leading to global
a smarter electricity grid to benefit vehicle owners and the
electricity system
What is ecar?
The Infrastructure Strategy
6 – 8 hours
AC 1Φ 16A Mode 3
Type 2/ fixed cable
1 - 6 hours*
AC 3Φ 32A Mode 3
Type 2
*Depends on the type of EV
80% in 20 minutes
DC 50kW
AC 3Φ 63A Mode 3
fixed cable (Future)
Fast and Rapid Chargers
320 no. 22kW AC Fast
Charge Points before
summer 2013
2 AC points per post
14 no. 50kW DC Rapid
Charge Points before
summer 2013
1 AC and 1DC per post
No part of Northern Ireland
is more than 30 miles from
a Rapid charge point
Most will be no more than
10 miles from an ecar Fast
charge point
EU TEN-T Funding
ESB ecars and DRD were awarded
€1.9million to install a network of rapid
charge points in NI and RoI in August 2012.
Created one of the first international EV
highways in the world between Dublin Belfast.
Network of rapid charging points along key
inter-urban routes, connecting the roads
with other forms of transport such as rail,
ferries and air travel.
46 rapid CP’s in RoI, 5 rapid CP’s in NI.
Banbridge, Belfast, Omagh, Enniskillen and
EU funding proportioned to NI is
approximately £500,000, with 50% from the
TEN-T fund and 50% from OLEV.
Integrated charge point
management system
across NI and RoI
CP’s in NI and RoI can be
accessed using the same
Access cards
Payment system is being
developed with INTEL –
with delivery expected by
the end of this year
Creating the ability to
charge internationally using
different currencies across
an EU border
New website
• New website, Phone App, Cost calculator
Good news
• Joint 1st Action Renewables Award for ‘Outstanding Work in the
Renewable Energy Sector in Northern Ireland’
• Finalist in the Climate Week Awards for ‘Best Initiative by a
Government Body’
ecar Multi-Day Event
6th, 7th, 8th March 13 at Titanic Belfast to
coincide with Climate Week
Day 1 – Education Day
260 school children (17-18yrs)
‘Great Electric Debate’ & prize-giving
EV Test-drives on ‘electric avenue’
David Meade EV related ‘mind-trick’
Day 2 – Fleet Conference
Wide range of excellent speakers on
business incentives, tax incentives,
purchasing and leasing, charging points
Launch of Website and Phone App
Test-drives on ‘electric avenue’
Day 3 – Public Test-drive event
Presentations and videos every hour
Test-drives on ‘electric avenue’
Future look and challenges
This year - 40 charge points in tourist
destinations/hotels to link with NITB
UK TEN-T funding bid – rapid charge
point network linking NI and RoI with the
Ecar PAYG enabled CPMS and
payment system
Create an ecar electricity Tariff and
booking system
Titanic Event
Thank You

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