Welcome to the Grade 5 Open House Presentation

Welcome to the Grade 5
Open House Presentation
Linnea Simon 5S
Ricky Whitfield 5W
Diana Lavigne ESL
Liu Yan Grade 5 TA
Helen Wang G5 ESL TA
Grade 5 Class 2014-15
Homework in Grade 5
Students in Grade 5 have 45 - 60 minutes of homework
every day.
Edmodo: UOI and literacy (15 minutes)
Spelling (15 minutes)
Math (15 minutes)
Reading (15 minutes)
Please read, sign and return the Homework Log each
Math in Grade 5
Math includes basic facts instruction and review and
lessons teaching specific math skills and strategies.
When possible, math lessons are connected with the
Unit of Inquiry.
Students are grouped across the grade level to allow for
differentiated instruction according to student needs
and abilities.
Math content covered in Grade 5 includes: number,
measurement, geometry, algebra, and statistics.
Unit of Inquiry
Learning through inquiry by asking questions, finding information
and using existing knowledge to learn new information.
Making connections between students’ learning within the school
environment and their experiences in the wider world.
Research and inquiry skills.
Critical thinking skills.
Social skills: cooperation, communication.
Learning in the context: field trips, guest speakers.
Learning through history, science, art, global issues, economy and
health perspectives.
Science: A study of the principles of electricity and the impacts of energy use on the
environment and the way we live.
Visual arts: A study of how media uses persuasive techniques to influence opinions.
History: A study of migration and how migration affects communities, cultures and
Exhibition: Student-selected inquiries into global issues and the impacts of global
Health: Transitions to secondary school and social, emotional and physical changes
connected with puberty.
Economics: A study of money and trade and how supply and demand creates a
Literacy: Reading, Writing
Speaking & Listening
Reading includes focus mini-lessons teaching comprehension
strategies, guided reading groups connected with the UOI, and
individual choice reading.
Writing includes mini-lessons teaching the craft of writing, the
writing process, spelling and grammar, genre-focused writing
connected with the UOI, and individual choice writing.
ESL reading and writing curriculum is structured similarly.
Students receive either in-class support or meet daily with Mrs.
Lavigne, depending on their level.
Speech sessions are scheduled once a week with Ms. Lanham.
Communication & Parent
Communication about curriculum, class and school events, field
trips, etc. will be primarily through the Grade 5 blog. Please
subscribe if you haven’t already done so:
Grade 5 Team Blog:
We welcome parent involvement in the classroom. Please let us
know if you would like to be a guest speaker for a UOI or
accompany us on a field trip.
We can be reached at any time through email. Please make an
appointment if you have specific questions or concerns about your
child. We will be happy to meet with you.

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