Windows 8 applications

Software Development
Chapter 2 – Programming on
Windows 8
• Getting to know Windows 8
• Windows 8 applications
• What tools are used to develop Windows 8
• Assignments
• Questions and answers
Getting to know Windows 8
• The most significant new feature is the new
Start Screen designed for touchscreens
• The Start
replaces the
earlier Start
Windows 8 Start Screen
• Although the Start Screen has changed,
Windows 8 also includes the familiar desktop
– In desktop view Windows 8 functions like earlier
Windows version, i.e. 7
• The new Start Screen enables applications to
display automatically updated status changes,
such as new messages
Windows 8 versions
• Four different available Windows 8 versions
1. Windows RT
ARM platform, only new Windows 8 apps, no support for
old x86 applications
2. Windows 8
– X86 platform, for basic use
3. Windows 8 Professional
X86 platform, for enterprise use
4. Windows 8 Enterprise
X86 platform, for large-scale enterprises and corporations
Processor architectures ❸
• Computers and mobile devices use two
different, mutually incompatible processor
– PCs use the familiar Intel's x86 architecture
– Especially mobile devices use ARM architecture
• Today programming techniques which enable
an application to function on both
architectures exist
Windows 8 applications
• New Windows 8 applications are developed using
new techniques and they function in fullscreen
– Function on ARM in addition to x86
• Full-screen view allows users to invest 100% of
their concentration on the application
• Potential for new kind of visuality
– Great opportunity for e.g. Graphic designers
Consistent layouts and interfaces
• Windows 8 applications have two common
– Consistent layouts with other applications conforming to
Microsoft guidelines
– Compatibility with the user interface
• Consistent layout requirements do not concen games
• Technical requirements insist that applications must be
developed using Windows 8-compliant programming
Esimerkki ulkoasuvaatimuksista
Windows Store
• Windows 8 applications are distributed and sold
through Windows Store.
• Windows 8 applications must be installed
through the Store, and not for example by
– Developers can run and test their applications with a
so called developer license
• Why are applications available only through the
Windows Store?
Application certifications
• All applications available at the Store have undergone
Microsoft's quality and data security certification
– Only certified applications can be accepted into the
Windows Store
• As only certified applications can be installed, users can
be sure that their applications are free from e.g.
• Certification requirements are both technical and
Commercial possibilities
• Applications and games distributed through
the Store can be free or paid
– Typically the price paid applications is a few euros
• A free application or game usually attracts a
userbase more easily
– Developer of a popular applications can include
ads and gain revenue thusly
Required tools
• At least the following tools are needed to
1. Computer with a Windows 8 operating
– It is also recommened to have a touchscreen
device, but it is not required
2. Development tools
– Visual Studio (more in next slides)
3. Internet connection
Company distribution
• Companies generally wish to keep their internal
applications from public distribution
– Global Windows 8 Store may not be a suitable
distribution channel for enterprise applications
• The solution is a feature called Enterprise
– Enterprises are provided an internal distribution
channel for Windows 8 applications
– Separately sold licenses, minimum 100/order
Development tools
• Windows 8 apps can be developed using Microsoft
own development tool, Visual Studio
– Visual Studio is free for personal use, but fee-paying
professional versions exist
• Microsoft's Expression Blend cna be used for graphic
design and animation
• Visual Studio can be downloaded at
– Express versions are free and they can also be used for
commercial works
Visual Studio 2013
Programming languages
• Four central options
Visual Basic
HTML5 ja JavaScript
• Typical choices are C# or HTML5/JS
– All programming languages can be used to access the
same functionalities in Windows 8 applications
• Think of three applications that would be fun and
useful at home, school, work, or with hobbies.
• Could there be a device that uses two different process
architectures. What advantages could this kind of a
solution have?
• Write down three upsides and three downsides to
having a device be controlled by a touch screen.
• Consider what advantages visuals and animations
might have in a utility program for companies.
Questions and answers 1
What features make an app suitable for touch-screen devices instead of
keyboard and mouse?
• An application intended to be used on touch-screen devices need to take
account many things that differ from traditional keyboard-and-mousedriven computer programs.
• The most essential thing to understand is that a touch interface is more
inaccurate than a mouse. Because of this all elements that are meant to
be touched must be made relatively large.
• Another important element of touch-screen devices are different kinds of
• Whereas a normal PC program can start different processes on the push of
different buttons, such as F1 and F2 function keys, these features must be
presented completely differently in touch-screen devices without a
physical keyboard.
Questions and answers 2
What is a processor architecture? What different processor
architectures are there?
• The processor architecture or microarchitecture defines what
technical features a processor has.
• These features then effect what kinds of software they can run.
• At the moment the most commercially significant architectures are
Intel's x86/x64 platform and ARM, which used especially on mobile
• In the history of information technology other famous
microarchitectures have also existed, such as Motorola 6502, Alpha,
Itanium, and Zilog Z80.
Questions and answers 3
What tools are used to develop Windows 8
• Windows 8 apps can be developed easiest on
Microsoft Visual Studio development tool and
the compatible Blend program.
• Blend is a graphics tool and works well in
developing and improving your application's

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