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Goal: Prepare GMCR Host account recipients
to use WebEx appropriately to reduce
business travel and achieve a measurable
increase in the per host usage rate.
1. Get Host Account
• Actions
– Supervisor emails IST Helpdesk to request WebEx
Host Account
– Login information should not be shared
– There is a monthly per host fee
– It takes 2-3 days to receive a host account
• Activity: Clickable email template to
supervisor to request an account
• Bonus Info: Click to review cost breakdown
2. Explore
• Actions
– Remember hosted address
– Maintain confidentiality of meeting topics
• Activities
– What’s wrong with this picture? Show screenshot
of gmcr webex page with fictitious meeting title
– is the only way to access the
site. Add it to your favorites now! (click here to
open in a new window, then
choose add to favorites)
3. Schedule a Meeting and Share the
Link w/ Attendees
• Actions
Appreciate minimum requirements to schedule meeting
Use audio options appropriately
Use advanced scheduler when necessary
Hiding a meeting on
Meeting options and attendee priveledges
Saving a meeting as a template
• Activity
– Screencast of process (camtasia)
– You try it! (quizmaker)
4. Start the meeting and join the audio
• Actions
– Click the link in the email you received
– Or if on other machine, go to, find
your meeting and go from there.
– Type in your phone number
– Locate meeting info to connect if problems
– If host, connect at least 5 minutes prior, if new, 20
• Activity
– Screencast
– Click to have 1 pg job aid emailed
5. Share documents and applications
• Activity (engage):
– There are three main ways to share in webex: Document,
Application, and Desktop.
– Document: This is the best way to share PowerPoint, Word,
PDF’s, Images, and even some movie files with your attendees.
It brings them inside the WebEx interface and loads them as
– Application: This is the next best option, if you need to share an
Excel file or other file type that WebEx doesn’t support. Or if
you need to show participants a screen in an application
– Desktop: Think of this as your last resort- All of your open
windows, including your desktop, icons, and system tray will be
viewable. If you have outlook notifications, turn them off unless
you want your participants to see them too!
6. Interface features for engaging
• Click on the icons below to see tutorials from
WebEx on the engagement tools included in
Meeting Center. (note: tutorials will open in
new window)
7. Best practices/ FAQ
Q: How can I get more practice hosting before my first meeting?
A: You can practice in a computer lab using two computers side by side
Q: If I lose Internet Connectivity, What Do I Do?
A: Don’t worry, Your meeting is still running. The host and presenter priveledges have been passed
automatically to another attendee. Simply log back into your meeting via
Q: Where do I go for more help?
A: Link to WebEx University
Q: How do I see who attended my meeting?
A: you can see detailed usage reports by logging into Choose my meetings > my
Q: Agenda?
Q: copy/paste to whiteboard?

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