Ternoves Hydropower Project in Albania

Ternoves Hydropower Project in Albania
The Ternoves Hydropower project has a design capacity of 8.3 MW. The Project is
located in North-East part of Albania, in the district of Bulquize. The project
benefits from the existence of four lakes located at the top of the Maja e Gjate
mountain. Each of these lakes is located above 1,600 m and was formed in the
past for irrigation purposes. The water from these lakes will be channeled to the
main Lake Zi and then being diverted to the powerhouse via a 4.9 km long steel
penstock. The powerhouse will be equipped with a single Pelton unit. The head of
the plant is 960 m.
Based on the expected annual electricity generation of 43.1 GWh, the project
contributes to CO2 emission reductions of 27,830 t CO2 /year.
Construction of Ternoves started in 2011. The scheduled start of commercial
operation is end of 2013.
Type of project
• Renewable Energy – Construction of one Small Hydropower
• Bulquize district, Albania
Project goals
• Utilization of hydropower potential
• Generation of electricity
Main investments
• Civil Works (Intakes, Penstocks, Powerhouses)
• E&M Equipment
• Grid Connection
Investment size
• Approximately € 17.5 million
Operational Results
• Annual electricity generation: 43.1 GWh
• CO2 reduction: 27,830 t/year

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