Coastal CCG Commissioning - Voluntary Action Worthing

Sally Tabbner
Public Health Contracts & Commissioning Manager
Social Support Commissioning
Home from Hospital services – including Safe &
Settle and Relative Support
Service to ensure that vulnerable people are not discharged from
hospital alone.
Following a hospital discharge vulnerable adults recover and
avoid an unplanned re-admission into hospital and
maintain/improve their health and wellbeing
Provided by a partnership:
Guild Care (Adur & Worthing)
Age UK Horsham (covering Horsham)
Age UK West Sussex
(covering Arun & Chichester)
Social Support Commissioning
Day Activities
These services are currently being reviewed but currently
comprise of various activities and schemes as shown below:
The Grange (RVT) - Midhurst
Guild Care – Worthing
Age UK West Sussex services - Adur
Lavinia House Centre – Horsham
Dingemans Centre – Steyning
& many more across the County
Social Support Commissioning
Help to Live at Home services
Recently commissioned new services to support people who
may be struggling with domestic chores or shopping. This
service is aimed at vulnerable people who cannot manage
household tasks without assistance and have a limited income
Provided by:
Guild Care (Adur & Worthing)
Age UK Horsham (covering Horsham)
Age UK West Sussex
(covering Chichester & Arun)
Social Support Commissioning
Tackling Social Isolation & loneliness
This service has been commissioned to support vulnerable
residents who are at risk of loneliness. This might include
helping them to join activities or arranging for some company or
a chat with regular visits from a volunteer.
Provided by:
Royal Voluntary Service (nee WRVS)
Social Support Commissioning
Information & Advice
• This includes free advice that helps people resolve their
problems with debt, benefits, employment, housing,
discrimination, and other legal type issues and;
• Opportunities for vulnerable people to access information &
advice who would not contact Statutory Sector bodies to get
Provided by:
Age UK West Sussex
The Citizens Advice Bureau
Social Support Commissioning
Timebanks & Skills Exchange
• An expression of interest has been submitted by
WSCC to DCLG (Department for Communities &
Local Government) for funding to support a
potential project that could focus on activating
communities by establishing time and skills banks
across the county.
• We would also seek to develop peer support
volunteering for long term medical conditions,
where patients themselves offer practical advice
and support to others in the same situation
• Early stage – theoretical only at this stage
Prevention Assessment Teams (P.A.T.s) have
been set up in each AS area which:
• Undertake an holistic assessment of a
household to identify what support would be
required to keep an individual or their carer
independent and prevent/delay them
requiring more intensive services.
• Identify vulnerable people who have
unmet health, psychosocial, functional
and/or environmental needs and who
are at risk of morbidity, functional
decline and dependence
• Identify gaps in service provision
and activities
P.A.T.s comprise of Health Advisors (trained Health Professionals),
Social Care Staff and Voluntary Sector workers
There is a team based in Horsham covering the north of the County,
a team in Shoreham covering AAW and a team in Bognor Regis
covering the West
The P.A.T. Teams can:
• Check a persons general state of health
& wellbeing and advise how to keep
healthy & manage health issues
• Give advice on how to keep a home safe,
secure & warm
• Link people with agencies that can
maximise someones income and help to
retain independence
• Put someone in touch with local social
groups, services and activities
The team also:
• Undertake NHS Healthchecks,
focussing on areas of Health
• Work closely with Wellbeing
Hub Staff to provide Health
Promotion sessions
• Work with GPs to case find the
hard to reach - ?have a role in
Proactive Care
• Work with local providers of
services to ensure clear care
Wellbeing Hub Services have been set up in
each District/Borough area which:
Provide a hub of information and single point of onward referral
for members of the public wishing to change behaviours to
improve their health
Help to remove barriers that inhibit people improving their
health by providing a wrap-around service that will help them
to access local health and wellbeing services
Provide or commission additional services to support behaviour
change that will reduce unhealthy eating, alcohol misuse,
smoking and low levels of physical activity, and help people to
better manage long term conditions through lifestyle changes
Wellbeing Hubs
Each area commissions a range of programmes designed to meet
the local demographic need.
• Family weight management programmes
• Adult Weight Management programmes
• Cook and Eat programmes
• Adult physical activity courses
• Home Energy Visitor projects
• Alcohol projects including “Re-think Your Drink”
• Workplace Health Coordination
• Wellbeing Coaches
• Cancer Programmes
• Older Persons physical activity courses
Wellbeing Hub & Information
Online Support & access to local information
Includes a
Decision Support
update by
Hub Staff

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