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“The Story…Who we are, where we come from”
Quanta Aesthetic
Lasers USA, LLC is in partnership with Quanta System S.p.A. (Italy) to
bring this incredible line of aesthetic lasers to North America.
System produces lasers and laser systems for a wide range of scientific, medical and
industrial applications.
System S.p.A. was founded in 1985 by Dr. Angelo Ferrario—the 4th person in the
world to make a laser (Ruby--early ’60’s). Today, with over twenty-five years experience in the
design of laser sources, laser systems and specific solutions for the OEM market, it is a global
company founded on a myriad of local expertise: Italian design, creativity and research,
German engineering and expertise in the optics industry, and successful American-style
oriented marketing.
S.p.A. Family
is the premium aesthetic laser brand
under the El.En family of lasers
owns part of 29 different laser companies
and laser parts manufacturers
addition to Quanta, included in the El.En
product family is Deka, Cynosure, and Asclepion
private labels lasers and
makes components for many different
laser companies
System clients include some of the most prestigious and discerning institutions in the
world. Several of the more recognizable references of Quanta System lasers include the following:
NASA - Mars mission 2016, ASI - Italian Space Agency, ESA - European Space Agency
► The Vatican
Museum - Artwork restoration; Michelangelo’s masterpieces
Swarovski - Jewelry; high precision laser micro marking
DeBeers Diamonds - Diamond cutters
Metropolitan Museum of New York - Cleaning priceless marbles and statues
Giorgio Armani - Laser engraving; Hidden and encrypted codes
Dolce & Gabbana - Laser engraving; Hidden and encrypted codes
► Air
France - Laser monitoring; Turbulence in clean air
Quanta Q Plus Series
Quanta Q-Plus series provides much higher performances when
compared to other Q-switched lasers currently on the market.
Q-Plus C is the first and most powerful Q-switched
laser platform which combines in one unit a 1j/cm2
Nd:YAG @ 1064 / 532 nm and a 1j/cm2 Ruby @ 694 nm
 Manufacturer
Wavelength -Energy per pulse
Quanta—Q-Plus C
$ 150,000
$ 85,000
755 nm–800mJ
532nm–500 mJ
$ 150,000
Quanta Q Plus Series
power supply drives the Q-switch technology in a
different, more efficient manner. This produces a STEADY
6ns pulse duration, providing higher peak power (as compared
to the Cynosure/Hoya Revlite that has the first pulse at 5ns, followed by
all subsequent pulses at 20ns.)
Q Plus Series has Optibeam Technology, producing a square spot,
flat-topped beam profile.
OptiBeam Technology (square spot size), Flat Top Beam profile produces
very equal energy distribution, with no hot spots, decreasing the chance of
broken skin and scarring.
Beam Profile 2D
Profile 3D
Before and After Pictures
After 2 Sessions
After 4 Sessions
1064nm, 6-9 J/cm2, 3mm spot size
After 7 Sessions
Retouched Multicolor
Tattoo Removal
After 3 sessions
532nm, 4-6 J/cm2, 3mm spot size, 3 sessions;
1064nm, 4-5 J/cm2, 4mm spot size, 3 sessions.
1064nm, 6-8 J/cm2, 3mm spot size.
After 4 sessions
Multicolor Tattoo Removal
694nm, 5-6 J/cm2, 4mm spot size, 5 sessions
Multicolor Tattoo Removal
532, 694, 1064 nm; 3-10 J/cm2; 3 and 4mm spot size; 8 sessions
Pigmented Lesions
1064nm, 6-7J/cm2, 3mm spot size, 4 treatments.
Pigmented Lesions
532nm, 4-5J/cm2, 3mm spot size, 4 treatments.

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