Chapter 5: Your Own Business Idea - ITC-ILO

Chapter 5:Your Own Business
Group 5 assignment
By: Alice Nyanduko, Cyndy Mahinda, Kahaso Mtana,
William Otieno
Finalizing your business idea
Not enough information to support those who
have decided to go ahead with their business
 The transition from final idea to the SYB
program is not made clear.
 For those that required to reflect further,
content available and referencing/signposting
done well.
GYBI Assignment 5.1
A provision for amending the assignment after
submission should be given
Participants should be given time to review and
reflect on their initial submissions before
save and return later function would be a good
Selection of type of business not active.
Instructions on how to save the form not clear.
Entrepreneurs should be encouraged to save all
activity forms in one folder for easy of access
A statement to encourage participant to
ask question would be important at this
 Entrepreneurs should also be encourage
to test their ideas to see what other
business people think about them
End of course evaluation
Question 1 requires reframing
◦ Do you think that this course has covered all the
topics needed to generate a business idea? This will
connect well the choice of answers given.
Use of the GYB needs to corrected to GYBI.
 Some questions might require a statement to
support the reason for selecting the response.
◦ “what do you think about the length of the course.”
Last question has a spelling mistake and is a bit
Overall feeling
Some questions we’re too broad and
need to be more specific and parameters
 In the end, the satisfaction of participants
might be affected by external factors
outside of the platform e.g. internet
connectivity, experience generating the
idea e.t.c.

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