Descriptive text

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Menentukan gambaran umum / pikiran
utama paragraf / informasi tertentu,
informasi rinci, tersurat / tersirat / rujukan
kata / makna kata / frasa / tujuan
komunikatif teks Descriptive
Descriptive text is a text that describe
the characteristic features of someone,
something, or a certain place.
The purpose of a descriptive that is to
describe spesific / particular things,
person, or certain place.
My Father
My father is a carpenter. He lives in near my
house. This grandmother & grandfather is a
He a short and fat. This people kind and about
160 cm tall. He has three children. There are
Restu, Riza, and Muna. They are my cousin often
come to my house. I often visit them.
1. What is the text about?
A. My father
B. My father is short and fat
C. My cousin is Restu, Riza, and Muna
D. He is about 160 cm
2. “They are my cousin...” (second paraghraph).
The word “they” refers to...
A. My father
B. Restu, Riza, and Muna
C. This grandmother & grandfather
D. My father the tall about 160 cm
3. From the text we know that...
A. He is sailor
B. My uncle is kind and very angry
C. He lives distance from house the writer
D. He lives in near house the writer
4. The following statements are correct about
father, except...
A. The father four children
B. His hair short and straight
C. The father kind and friendly
D. The father is carpenter
5. He is short and fat. The antonim of underlined
word is...
A. Long
B. Big
C. Good
D. Bark
The white is located of 1600 pennsyl vania
avenue in Washington D.C.
It is a hoge house where the president of the USA
stays and work during his term.
People first recognized the building as the
Presidential Palace and Theodore Roosevelf gave
the name White House in 1901.
1. What is the mostly text tell about?
A. House where the president
B. The house is located in Argentina
C. The building as the presidential
D. White house
2. Where is it located?
A. Washington D.C.
B. America
C. Pennsyl vania
D. England
3. “The White House is located...” The underlined
word refers to. . . .
A. President
B. The building
C. White House
D. Washington D.C.
4. From the text we know that. . . .
A. The building gave the name White house in
B. The White House is located in Washington
C. White House about 140 cm
D. The colour is black
5. “The White House is located in Washington D.C”
The underlined word has the antonim....
A. Black
B. Yellow
C. Blue
D. Black white
Read the text and answer question 6-10!
I have a cousin the name is Riza. She like a cat. I
have the cat too. The cat is very beautiful. It is about
20 cm tall. The cat has thin and short body. The
colour of the cat is black and white. Its eat fish. Its
four legs. I like cat because its is beautiful and the
colour is very nice
6. What is the text mostly about....
A. A cat
B. A cat in general
C. The writer’s cousin
D. The writer’s cat
7. What is the purpose of writing the text above....
A. To describe a cat
B. To tell how to make cat
C. To explain the colour of the cat
D. To entertain the readers about the cat
8. What is the main idea of the second
A. The cat a thin and short body
B. The colour a cat is white and black
C. The cat is very beautiful
D. The cat have four legs
9. “Its is beautiful and the colour....”. The
underlined words has the same meaning....
A. Pretty
B. Ugly
C. Good
D. comical
10.”She likes a cat”. What does the underlined word
refer to....
A. Cat
B. Riza
C. She is beautiful
D. Fish

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