International Hydraulic Fracturing Market

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International Hydraulic Fracturing Market
Pump trucks at BP’s fracturing operations, Khazzan-Makarem field, Oman
Is Rising Middle East Gas Demand…
Increasing power
Competition from US
shale gas boom
Maturing oilfields and
need for gas in
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Growth of steel,
aluminum and
petrochemicals sector
More challenging gas
…encouraging investments in unconventional reserves?
This report answers:
Which Middle East and North African countries are developing
unconventional gas?
Which are the best shale gas markets?
Who are the main operators and hydraulic fracturing service
What is the hydraulic fracturing capacity per pumper and per
country and what is forecast for the future?
What are the major hydraulic fracturing projects?
What are the frac parameters for the major projects?
What are the dominant proppant type per country and what are
the volumes used?
Overview of the MENA frac market
Unconventional geology and shale resource potential
Hydraulic fracturing capacity per country and pressure pumper
Frac parameters
Ranking of MENA countries by attractiveness for unconventional
oil & gas development
Detailed country analysis on Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia
and Egypt covering basin and play maps, current unconventional
gas projects, hydraulic horsepower capacity, frac demand, supply,
utilization, constraints and forecasts.
Summary of Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait hydraulic fracturing
Primary Intelligence: in-depth surveys and conversations with
industry leading experts and technical specialists.
Secondary Intelligence: market research reports, news articles
and speeches and presentations by industry experts
Sample Slides
MENA Hydraulic Fracturing
MENA Fracturing
Capacity by Country
Saudi Arabia Country
attractiveness Matrix
Note: Country attractiveness matrix is available for the
MENA as a whole and individually for Saudi Arabia and
Oman (the largest hydraulic fracturing markets in the
Middle East)
Note: Figures available upon purchase of report
MENA Hydraulic Fracturing
Arab Gulf Fracturing
Capacity (HHP at year-end)
Note: Figures available upon purchase of report
Saudi Arabia has the highest HHP at
year end 2012
Oman is expected to have the highest
HHP at year end 2013
Total upstream costs for conventional
gas production in Oman is
approximately $3/MMBtu. Total costs
for unconventional gas production
such as the BP Khazzan project are
higher ($5-6/MMBtu)
BP agreed in December 2013 to move
forward with the development of the
$15+ billion tight gas Khazzan project
MENA Hydraulic Fracturing
 Objectives:
Study of MENA shale gas potential
to predict hydraulic fracturing
 Implementation:
Open source review
In-depth interviews with
operators, NOCs, service
Prediction of trends for
hydraulic fracturing
services by MENA country
& support services (e.g.
Source: PacWest; Manaar research
Contact Details
The report is available in MENA-only (29 pages) and worldwide
versions (45 pages including the MENA section).
Please contact Roa Ibrahim on [email protected],
+971 4-3266-300 for further information and purchases.
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