Presentation 6 Chris Bowlas

Does the European
chemical industry have a
Dr Chris Bowlas
Chemicals Park Manager
BP Chemicals
“The smell of the place”
It’s about creating the context in
which businesses can thrive and
- At a European level
- At a country level
- At a regional level
- At a local level
Professor Sumantra Ghoshal
Saltend Chemicals Park
Saltend Chemicals Park is a collaborative cluster of
world-class chemicals and green energy businesses at
the heart of the Humber - the UK’s Energy Estuary.
Businesses operate in an impressive, integrated
operation on the 370-acre site, producing more than a
million tonnes of chemicals products annually.
Over the past six years Saltend Chemicals Park has
seen £500 million of investment. BP have a proven track
record of sustained production and successful
integration of new businesses.
Location of choice
Investors benefit from an exceptional offering of
development land, infrastructure, facilities, utilities
and services.
We have an established infrastructure and
available land, services and utilities on site which
can be plumbed in for new businesses.
All the factors to give investors confidence are in
place. We have a track record of sustained
production and integrating new investment
Saltend Chemicals Park occupies a strategic position
on the East Coast of the UK, at the heart of the
country’s busiest ports complex.
The site is ideally located for servicing the UK and a
well-established logistics route into Antwerp and
Rotterdam for the European market or onwards to
worldwide markets.
With an integrated jetty, tanker-loading facilities
and access to ports, road and rail networks, the
site has excellent links for global product
The Royal Society of Chemistry
In recognition of 100 years of
innovation…in the research,
development and
commercialisation of numerous
new processes for the
manufacture of organic acids,
alcohols and their derivatives.
We will deliver value for our partners through the supply
of safe, cost effective and reliable infrastructure, utilities
and services.
Our customer-focused team will provide an
environment where it is easy to do business, succeed
and grow.
We will be the people you want to work with because
your success is our success.
The UK’s energy estuary
Does the European
chemical industry have a
future? YES.
Establish the “context” at European, national, regional and local levels
Recognise our strengths
Track record of production and innovation
Accessibility to markets
Technology excellence
Thank you

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