Love Your Heart Day 2015

San Diego County’s Fourth Annual
Regional Blood Pressure Screening Day
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What is Love Your Heart Day?
A one-day event during which the County of San
Diego and its partners provide free blood pressure
screenings to the public at select sites throughout the
San Diego region
The goal of Love Your Heart is to activate San Diegans
to “know their numbers” and take charge of their
own heart health
Love Your Heart is an effort that started with the
County of San Diego, and has since grown to include
partners in healthcare, the fire community,
universities, city government, non-profits, and the
federal Million Hearts initiative
Love Your Heart Day 2015
This year’s Love Your Heart event will take place
on Friday, February 13, 2015.
Last year the County and its partners performed
blood pressure checks on over 17,000 San
Diegans at over 200 sites—this year our goal is to
screen 25,000 San Diegans!
How can your organization support
Love Your Heart 2015?
Our greatest areas of need are:
Promotion--Actively promote the Love Your Heart event,
especially amongst your own employees.
Volunteers—Connect us with individuals from your
organization (or in your network) who can staff Love Your
Heart screening sites, assisting with flow-through, data
collection and distributing educational information; OR
medical workers who can perform blood pressure
Offer screenings to your employees—Work with your
own in-house employee wellness program and insurance
plans to offer BP screenings to your employees on Love
Your Heart Day 2015
If you are a health care provider, you
can also support Love Your Heart by:
Counting all BP’s performed on your regular patients in
your offices on February 13th and report your data:
 Data requested by central reporting will include
the number of screenings, as well as the range
each reading fell in to
 Wherever appropriate, we’d encourage you to
infuse Love Your Heart educational messaging
into patient interactions
Or, you may wish to act as a public-facing Love Your
Heart site, opening your doors to the public and having
medical staff in an open area ready to take BP’s for any
adult member of the public on February 13th.
Why be a part of Love Your Heart?
Through Love Your Heart, you can:
Join forces with local governments,
firefighters, health care providers,
libraries, local businesses, and other
partners to raise awareness about
heart disease
Empower San Diegans to take charge
of their own heart health
Support an organizational culture of
health awareness
Interested in becoming a
Love Your Heart partner?
or email
[email protected]
for more information.

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