Real Estate Infrastructure
Industrial Projects
About Us
Wani Technologies Pvt. Ltd
 Established in 1999 and has since grown and diversified into a multi product & services company
 Represented through branch offices across Western India
 Our Core Values:
Customer first
Integrity in all what we do
Passion for work
Commitment & Trustworthy working relationship with our clients
 Our Customer Base is 1500 + across Western India in the Automotive, Engineering, Chemicals,
Pharmaceuticals , Glass, Construction, Consumer Durables , Graphic , Metal segments
Srrinidhi Enterprises:
 Infrastructure Division facilitates setting up factories for our Indian and Overseas.
 Turnkey Services include: Identification of land, design, development of pre-engineered buildings with civil
construction interiors and obtaining necessary statutory permissions. A complete solution for our clients to bring
peace of mind & help clients focus on their core activity.
 Ventured into an infrastructure tie-up with Tata Blue Scope with its in house design, development , manufacture &
commissioning for pre-engineered buildings.
Constitution and Establishment
 Wani Technologies Pvt Ltd established in 1999
 Srrinidhi Enterprises – Proprietorship
 Directors
: Dippak Wani-Managing Director
: Ujwwala Wani
: Shakur Khan
Our Presence
 Real Estate
 Infrastructure
 Industrial Projects
M.D.& President
 The SRRINIDHI ENTERRPRISES was founded by Mr. Dipak Wani, a first generation entrepreneur.
He is a born leader and a dynamic business driver with over 20 years of varied experience. His
USP is that he continues to retain his openness to new learning.
 Mr. Dipak Wani is the recipient of “RAJIV GANDHI SHIROMANI AWARD” - 2008 for outstanding
individual achievement and distinguished services to the society.
 Wani Technologies as a group has to its credit many awards and recognitions.
Business Strategy:
To strengthen our leadership in the Industrial Construction market.
To increase our presence in the Residential Building construction segment
To develop the business of construction of Commercial & Residential buildings.
To increase the quality of work and decrease the terms of construction thereby
enhancing our image.
To expand domestically and overseas.
Increased participation in tenders in India and overseas.
Our Strength:
Expertise in Civil construction.
Successfully developed new segments.
Dedicated & hands-on management team.
Strong technical support and network in India.
Experience with international contracts.
The Team
• With experience in overseeing and managing large infrastructure projects with groups like
TATA Blue Scope, Steiner India in the Industrial, residential, commercial, civil construction our
team members in our organization comprise :
Quality testing personnel
• The team operates 24 x 7 and is supervised by at least one Project Manager at each site.
The team necessarily includes supervisors, foremen, stores In-charges, billing engineer,
electricians, crane operators, welders and other work force.
• Backed by a team of professionals who work round-the-clock in order to fulfill the demands of
the clients. Our experts translate the goals of the client organization efficiently and diligently.
• All members are appointed strictly on the basis of their work experience
and knowledge in this domain. Our architects work in coordination with the clients so as to
design the layout as per their preferences.
Safety Policy
Whilst Srrinidhi Enterrprises has an enviable reputation for building landmark complexes
and world class infrastructure, we always remember that these are made possible by the
large pool of a hard working and committed workforce. All team members have
responsibilities towards one and all as below :
Company Management
• Overall responsibility for the compliance of the company’s safety program and regularly
reaffirms support for loss control activities.
• Ensures that all employees are informed of the top management’s commitment to
safety and the strict adherence to all local, federal, and state regulations.
Supervisors / Foremen
• Responsible for the safety of their employees and oversee compliance with the safety
program and applicable local, federal, and state regulations.
• Prompt medical attention in case of an injury and provides a thorough written
investigative report with recommendations to prevent a re-occurrence.
• Minimize equipment damage.
Safety Policy (Contd)
• Responsible for abiding by the rules and regulations which are applicable to their assigned tasks.
To report all accidents and near-misses.
• Perform their functions in the safest possible manner and encourage co-workers to do likewise.
Group Turn Over
Amount in Crore
Turn Over
Growth Plan
Our Group has charted out ambitious growth plan and projects currently
under finalization are as under:
 Industrial Projects
: Rs. 100 cores
 Real Estate Development
: Rs. 100 cores
 Infrastructure & Pvt. Buildings
: Rs. 200 cores
 Telecom Infrastructure & Towers
: Rs. 100 cores
The Group is discussing strategic / technical partnerships with Global
Companies in respective fields.
Completed Projects
Convertex India, Sanaswadi, Pune, India
B/UP Area- 20000 SQ.FT.
Project Duration- 6 Months
AAM India, Supa,Ahmednagar, M.S, India
B/UP Area- 80000 SQ.FT.
Project Duration- 4 Months
FACT Museum Hall, Pune
B/UP Area- 5000 SQ.FT.
Project Duration- 7 Months
Tata Housing, Pune & Ahmedabad, India
B/UP Area- 30000 SQ.FT
Project Duration- 11 Months
Power Electronics, Pune
B/UP Area- 10000 SQ.FT.
Project Duration- 2 Months
KUMAR BUILDER Site Office with Interior Work, Pune
B/UP Area- 20000 SQ.FT.
Project Duration- 3 Months
Other Prestigious Works in Progress
Moet Hennessey Near Dindori – Nasik, India
Area- 880000 SQ.FT.
Project Duration- 11 Months
Amby Valley , Pune, India
B/UP Area- 100000 SQ.FT.
Project Duration- 12 Months
Construction of Commercial Business Park at Lavasa, Pune, India
B/UP Area- 250000 SQ.FT.
Project Duration- 12 Months
Construction of Residential Building at Lavasa, Pune, India
B/UP- Area 75000 SQ.FT.
Project Duration- 12 Months
Framing solution
Light weight Truss and framing solution
Cladding solution
Finish Coat
Corrosion Resistant Primer
Conversion Coating
AZ150 Metallic Coating
Conversion Coating
Corrosion Resistant Primer
Backing Coat
Cross section – COLORBOND(R)steel
High Strength TRIMDEK® 1015 –
roofing and walling application
High Strength PANELRIB® 1110 – Ceiling / liner
panel application
E mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +91 8975493030
Tel:+91 20 65601253/65601254/65004375
402 Aleria Kolte Patil Project Kharadi Pune 411014

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