I Want to Be an Interior Designer

I want to be an
Interior Designer
Will I like it?
What Do
Interior Designers
Interior Designers design the
Interiors of Houses,
Apartment Buildings,
Churches, Schools,
Hospitals, Offices,
Restaurants, Theaters and
Every Other Type of Building
You Can Think of
They meet with clients
They sketch,
draw with a pencil,
draw using a computer,
and build models
They select furniture, fabrics,
draperies, paint colors, carpeting,
and wall coverings for interiors
They design furniture
They design kitchens and select
cabinets, countertops and
They design lighting for interiors
They estimate costs, write
specifications, write letters, and
administer the construction of the
interiors that they design
What is Interior Design?
Will I know it when I see it?
Interior Design is the art
of creating beautiful
and functional
building interiors
for use by people
How Can I become
an Interior Designer?
Will I like it?
To become an Interior
Designer, you will need
to study interior design
in college
After graduation from
college, work for an
interior designer for three
years, and then pass a
national examination
Once you are “registered”
by your state you can
start your own interior
design firm and work for
What kind of skills do I
need to be an interior
When in high school, you
should study English,
mathematics, history, social
studies, computers, art, and
freehand drawing
The best skill to acquire and
practice is to be able to
listen, speak and write
and to be able to organize
your thoughts and activities
You Should Visit an
Interior Design Firm
You Should Visit an
Interior Design School
Read books and
magazines on interior
design to understand the
designer’s work and the
spirit of the profession
Look at Building Interiors
and Think About Why they
are Beautiful (or Not)
College Education?
Three possibilities
Two Year
Associate of Applied Science degree
in Interior Design
With this degree you could get a job in
an interior design firm, or transfer to
4-year school to complete a B.A. in
interior design
Two Year
Associate of Applied Science degree
in Kitchen and Bath Design
With this degree you could get a job in
a kitchen and bath design firm
Four Year
Bachelor of Arts degree
in Interior Design
With this degree you could get a
job in an interior design firm
What will I learn in College?
Model Building
History of Interior Design
Architectural History
Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Color Composition
Cost Estimating
Is it difficult to get into an
interior design school?
There is a college for
Two Year Public Interior Design Schools
in Illinois
(cost about $2,700 per year)
College of DuPage (Glen Ellyn)
Triton College (River Grove)
Harper College (Palatine)
Four Year Public Interior Design Schools
in Illinois:
(cost about $12,000 per year)
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
(tuition & fees: $10,309/yr)
Illinois State University, Bloomington
(tuition & fees: $12,500/yr)
Four Year Private Interior Design Schools
in Illinois:
(cost about $18,000 to $34,000 per year)
Harrington College of Design, Chicago
(tuition & fees: $21,260/yr)
Illinois Institute of Art,
Chicago & Schaumburg
(tuition & fees: $22,500/yr)
School of the Art Institute, Chicago
(tuition & fees: $34,1000/yr)
Columbia College, Chicago
(tuition & fees: $18,490/yr)
Is it difficult to get through
interior design school?
It Takes Dedication and
Hard Work
(But You Like That)
Will it be fun?
(That is the Best Part)
How much money will I make?
• Graduates of interior designer schools are
paid from $35,000 to $40,000 per year
• Six to ten years out of college, you may
earn $55,000 per year
• You can earn more by owning your own
firm or become a partner in a large firm.
Partner's average income range is
$80,000 to100,000 per year
Other Benefits?
• Satisfaction that you have contributed to the
betterment of our world and created something
• Enjoyment of the work itself
• Ability to exercise your creativity and see your ideas
actually built
• Every day (nearly every hour) is unique and different
• Work in a career that is well-respected by the public
Show me some good examples of
interior design

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