Food and nutrition security from trees on farms

International Conference on Forests for Food Security & Nutrition
FAO Rome, May 13-15, 2013
Food and
from trees
on farms
Ludovic Conditamde, Tree Aid, Burkina Faso
Context of food & nutritional security
 Burkina Faso
=> a Sahelian county
=> a food crisis
=> poor harvests
 80% of the population dependent on subsistence
agriculture and a high level of malnutrition
 37% of children under 5 are malnourished
 86% of people live in poverty
 Some families are having to survive on just
one meal a day
Context of food & nutritional security
 Tree foods (leaves, seeds, nuts, fruits, mushrooms &
honey) have been a part of rural diets for
 Contribution to 30% of rural diets
 Tree foods play a very important role in the food
security of rural Sahelian households:
 100g of Baobab fruit covers a child’s
recommended daily allowance of iron and
potassium, 92% of copper and 40% of calcium
 100g of Ziziphus Mauritania will meet a child’s
RDA of calcium & iron and 30% of magnesium
Importance to women
 Women are the most severely affected by
deforestation Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)
 Products (NTFPs) = the most important tree products
for women & vital to food security
 women collect NTFPs to supplement the diets of
their families and mostly through the hungry months
 Women have less access to the trees or are
excluded from forest management and
 Most of NTFP are well known, are part of family food
habits and are subject of marketing
Selected NTFPs
Pulp/Vitellaria paradoxa
Ca, P, Fe, K, Na,
Zn, Mg
K3, E
Pulp/Parkia biglobosa
Ca, P, Fe, K, Na,
Cu, Mg, Zn
C, B1
Leaves/Moringa oleifera
Ca, Fe, P
A, B1, B2, B3, C
Pulp/Adansonia digitata
Ca, P, Fe K, Mg
C, A
 Calcium in 100g of fresh Moringa leaves = 4 x in
100g of milk
Challenges / Questions
 What can be the future support focus in rural
area against point of potential vulnerability to
the increased climatic change?
 We need further studies that can allow bettering
integrate NTFPs into households’ food habits
 Access to inventories on resources/knowledge
re domestication of tree fruits

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