Communicating Effectively in
Interior Design
SLO #3 Communicate Effectively
Through the Clear and Accurate Use
of Language
Jan Cummings
Bobanne Kalkofen
Darla Green
Jo Randolph
Dalene Irwin
Presentation Created by D. Green
Our Research Question
 In regards to the student
learning outcome #3:
Communicate Effectively
Through the Clear and Accurate
Use of Language, our
department wanted to prove if
students ability to communicate
effectively improved from the
introduction class to the
capstone class. Communication
is a key component to interior
design, making this outcome
extremely important.
The Plan
 Our original thoughts were that most
students come to our program with
very little effective interior design
communication and improved greatly
over the courses of the program.
 First we established effective
communication as verbal AND nonverbal. We discussed what would be
considered good acceptable and not
acceptable forms of verbal and nonverbal communication.
 Our plan was to create a baseline by
measuring the students abilities to
Collect Data – The Tool
 We devised a rubric to use during
presentations. This would become the
tool for collecting data.
 Instead of starting from scratch – we
set out to research rubrics which had
already been used at other
 We found (2) two which seemed to
have many of the categories we were
looking to include.
 We rearranged, added too, removed
from, and merged these two rubric
into one we could use to measure
effective communication.
we used
as a
Collect Data – The Tool
 Insert original rubric here
Then the data spoke
 After using the rubric in as many
classes as possible, we found
crunched our data and found the
 The students actually performed
higher than we thought across the
board accept for one category.
 We also found that our rubric was
not covering everything we
needed it to measure so we
decided to revise the categories
What did we do about the data?
What changes/steps did you take?
 First we revised our
rubric to expand some
of the categories to
use in the future
 After looking at the
data – we started
modeling and
explaining effective
interior design
communication in all
Next Steps – what additional steps
are you planning – any follow-up
 Our plan is to continue to
use this rubric in all
interior design courses.
 This rubric has provided us
with information as to
where the students need
more instruction.
 The rubric has made it
easier for instructor to see
and focus on problem
areas in effective

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