What can we learn from cave art?
How was cave painting made?
The paintings of horses found on cave walls probably
do not look the same as horses you might have seen.
That's because they are not the same. The horses
shown in cave paintings are an endangered species
that probably live only in Mongolia and Western China
now. Some scientists think that the horses are extinct
in the wild and only live in zoos.
They are called Przewalski's (per-zhe-vall-skeez)
Compare this modern horse with the image
below. How are the similar and different?
Can you see the horses?
Mammoths were large, hairy, elephant-like
animals that lived during the last ice age. In
fact, mammoths and elephants are closely
related. Mammoths are now extinct.
A mammoth is like an elephant completely
covered with fur.
Compare these modern elephants with the
image of the mammoth above. Why do you
think the mammoth had so much fur?
Can you see the mammoth?
Hyenas no longer live in Europe.
This is a present-day hyena. Compare it to the
image below.
Where is the hyena?
As you may know, rhinoceroses do not live in
Europe today. This is a present-day
rhino. How it is similar to and different
from the cave paintings rhinoceroses.
How many rhinos can you find?
One of them has a very large horn.
The painting looks like an animation.
Lions no longer live in the wild in Europe.
This is a present-day lion. How does it compare
This is a present-day lion. How does it
compare to the cave paintings of lions?
Look carefully at the left hand
side of the painting. That is
where you will find the lion.
This is a present-day panther. How is it similar
to and different from the image below?
The panther in this painting is much
smaller than the hyena.
Bison were once common in Europe. In a cave
in France, there is an entire hallway filled with
paintings of bison.
Compare these bison with the image of the
bison below.
Can you find the bison?
What sort of animals could you draw if you
were a prehistoric person living in Arizona
2,000 years ago?
Would you like to try cave painting?

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