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Available CNG Vehicle Platforms
Barry Carr
March 13, 2012
What vehicles can run on CNG?
The purchase process is seamless- fleets
work through local dealers, who make
arrangements with up-fitters, so
vehicles carry full warranties
• Dedicated- operates only on
natural gas
• Bifuel- operates on natural
gas as well as gasoline
• Many conventional gasoline
vehicles can run on CNG.
• OEM’s include Honda, BAF,
Landirenzo, and Cummins
• 43 CNG vehicle engines are
certified by EPA, available
through up-fitters, carry
factory warranties
Look for Fully Integrated Alternate Energy Solutions
 Light-duty vehicles are crash tested to
ensure conformance to FMVSS-303
 Not done “by analysis” like others
 The only CNG converter to achieve
“3Q” Status with Ford
 QVM - Qualified Vehicle Modifier
 QFC – Quality Fleet Care
 QCM – Qualified Calibration Modifier
 This means that BAF is utilizing
Ford OEM calibration standards for
CNG and not “hacking into” or
performing an “unauthorized
reflash” of the original calibration
Dedicated CNG
Ford Transit Connect
• Passenger and
cargo/work truck
configurations available
• BAF dedicated CNG
• 12  18 Gasoline Gallon
Equivalent fuel capacity
• Cargo vehicle tanks
located under a false
floor; 80 ft3 of space
available above
• EPA/CARB Certified
Dedicated/Bi-Fuel CNG
E-250/350 Van Overview
• Conversion available on 5.4L V8
• Knaphiede KUV added to our
lineup for 2012 (built on the
E350 cutaway chassis)
• CARB/EPA Certified
• 20 – 25 Gasoline Gallon
Equivalent (GGE) standard on
dedicated E250/350
• Bi-fuel (CNG/gasoline) option
available on E-250/350
Dedicated/Bi-Fuel CNG
F-Series Pickup Overview
• Ford F-250/350 w/6.2L V8
• Bi-fuel (CNG/gasoline) option available on F250/350
• 18 – 40+ Gasoline Gallon Equivalent capacity
• Emergency refueler option available
• EPA and CARB certified
Dedicated CNG
E-450 Shuttle Overview
• Available on 6.8L V10
with gaseous prep
• CARB/EPA Certified
• 29 GGE standard on
E450; up to 60 GGE
available (50 GGE +)
Dedicated CNG
F450/550/650 Overview
• Ford F-450/550 with 6.8L V10
• Gaseous prep package also
to be offered on F650 from
March 2012
• EPA/CARB certified
• BAF is the leader in offering
solutions to cope with the
unique needs of these
– Customized tank
– Fuel capacity to 60+ GGE
2012 Certified Natural Gas Powered
Engines and Vehicles for Fleet Applications
• American Honda
– Civic Natural Gas
• BAF Technologies
– 5.4L (F250, E250)
– 6.2L (E-350 cargo/passenger van –
– 6.8L (E-450 , F450/550/650/750
• LandiRenzo/Baytech
6.0L & 8.0 L/M/HD (GMC/Chevy,
Workhorse – pick-ups, vans/stepvans,
• Westport Innovations Inc
– 15L GX- compression ignited – up to
• Cummins Westport
– 8.9L “ISL-G” – 250-320hp
– 11.9L ISL-G – Coming Soon
• HD EPA Certified Systems
– 7.6L Phoenix NG – 175-265hp
(re-power for Int’l DT466 trucks,
School Bus front end)
• Doosan Intercore America
• 11 L GK12 290 hp for Transit,
refuse, and other HD
Advice: Establish a Group and Plan
Successful transportation
assessments involve the:
Fleet manager
Maintenance manager
Purchasing director
Facility planner
Administrative leader
Vehicle users
• Review current fleet &
maintenance procedures
• Develop option list to reduce
petroleum use and fleet-based
• Research specific products and
• Explore existing incentives and
Contact your local Clean Cities coordinator to learn about low carbon options
Sources of Additional Information
• – NGV America – the pre-eminent organization
advocating the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel
• – Clean Cities national website
• – Information on T. Boone Pickens’ plan for US energy
• - CNG fueling station locator
• - The nation’s largest provider of CNG/LNG
fueling stations
• - Ford Fleet Alternative Fuels Buyer’s Guide
• [email protected] : Christina Ficchicia, Coordinator, NYC/LHV CC
• [email protected] : Barry Carr, Coordinator, CC CNY
• : BAF/Ford Product
• : GM Product
• : Civic Natural Gas
• THANK YOU! Barry Carr, CC of CNY/BAF Technologies; (315)278-2061
Barry Carr
Coordinator, CC of CNY
Northeast Manager, BAF
[email protected]

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