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Interior Design 1
What is Interior Design?
 Interior Design is the planning and decorating of the
space inside a building. An interior designer creates
an environment suited to the people who live there by
the use of architectural features, furniture and
decorative techniques.
Good Decorating is made up of
many factors.
 Taste
 Value
 Style
 Individuality
 Comfort
 Convenience
What is Good Taste?
 Suitability of objects and the manner in which they
are blended.
How do you acquire good taste?
 Learn the principles and elements of design. Apply them
repeatedly until they become second nature to you.
Observe good design in magazines, books, sample homes,
historic homes, etc.
Practice analyzing good room designs to see if they have
followed the principles and elements of design.
Learn about accessories and how they project taste.
Be discriminating – don’t follow fads.
Good taste is not determined by cost. Taste is a sense of
what is appropriate to your way of life.
Structural and Decorative.
Structural Design
 “Form follows Function”: the function (purpose) of the
object dictates the form it takes. Example: chair, table,
bed. Enrichment comes from the material or the
decorative design that is chosen.
Decorative Design
 Naturalistic
 Stylistic
 Geometric
 Abstract
Naturalistic – the motif is
reproduced from nature in its
natural form – birds, flowers, etc.
Stylistic – Motif is from nature but
is adapted and does not appear as
it would in real life.
Geometric – nature is not
necessarily the source – based on
shapes, plaids, stripes, checkers
Abstract – based on shapes but is
less formal or rigid. Has “stylized
geometric” shapes but no pattern.
Characteristics of Good Design
 Function
 Construction
 Aesthetics (Beauty)
 Usefulness, convenience, and organization.
 Good design makes a product or room better or easier
to use.
 Considers the needs of the people using the item.
 Accommodates the ages, sizes and physical abilities of
the user.
 Provides easy access for all people and eliminates
Construction ( includes materials
and structure)
 Materials are the different kinds of fabrics, woods,
metals, plastics or stones, used to build products used
in a room
 Materials need to be chosen to support the function of
a room
 When selecting materials: consider design , function,
quality, initial cost, maintenance, and long-term cost
of repair and replacement.
Aesthetics ( Beauty)
 Pleasing appearance or effect.
 Communicates a message or stimulates an emotion.
 Personalized design reflects the aesthetics a person
wants to express in a room.
 Beauty is difficult to define because each person has
their own personal taste.
 Good aesthetic design is pleasing to many people.
Construction, Function and
Aesthetics all must be considered
to create a successful design

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