strategic analysing to (BMW)2

strategic analysing to (BMW)
by : ayman el-majdalawee
Dr: Ezz ElArab El- Awoor
Our Mission
• Asserting BMW sets the standards. "To become
most successful premium manufacturer in the
car industry “ It is our mission to build new and
strengthen existing customer relationships. is all
about “Driving Strong Relationships”.
Our Vision
• a successful, profitable, and sustainable
business, it is BMW’s vision to grow alongside
its ability to delight a rising number of satisfied
customers. Uniqueness through diversity,
leadership , taking Risk, courteous.
Our Values
• Individually tailored customer service,
honesty, integrity, professionalism,
training, dedication to our company and
the BMW brand, consistency, leadership,
and teamwork.
Swot analysis
• Worldwide, the BMW Group is one of the most
successful multi-brand premium car
manufacturer in the automobile industry. The
Rolls-Royce phantom holds the number one
position in the super-luxury car segment.
• The BMW group on an average spends around
9% of its revenues on R&D, which is one of the
highest in the industry.
• BMW’s heavy cost German base might
affect the profitability of the company in
the long run as more and more
competitors shift product development
activities to lower cost countries.
• The continuing decline of the dollar
against the Euro threatens to undercut
BMW’s top line so tempering its
• The rising price of raw materials such as
steel threatens to offset the company’s
• The expanding of the European Union,
has converted the EU into the world’s
biggest trading bloc with a combined
population of around billion .
• Opening of new manufacturing lines in
China .
BMW’s key automobile production
plants worldwide
EC regulatory threat to European car
• In 2007 the European Commission
proposed binding rules to cut CO2
emissions on new cars to 130 gms/km .
• Shares in Porsche whose cars have
highest CO2 output fell 2% as a result .
German Auto Car Sales UK 2007 - 2008
Compare the year on year figures for each manufacturer for December and for
year to date. Which manufacturers/marques are doing better than others in
terms of volume sales/market share?

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