Opportunities other than university

other than
What is on offer other than
 Employment
 Gap
year activities
 Further Education
 Part time study
 Volunteer work
 Self employment
Thousands available
every year
Clearly advertised on one
web site
One application form for 5
Clear closing date
Aimed directly at A level
Variable numbers
Advertised in many
different places. Some
not advertised at all.
Different application for
each job
Become available at
different times
Few aimed directly at A
level leavers
Many careers have routes through to
senior levels without degrees
 Very few actual job vacancies specify A
levels as a requirement
 Determination and enterprise required to
find a suitable job
 Imagination and perseverance required to
progress up to senior levels
 BUT it is possible.
The Super Jobs
•Prestigious companies
•good salaries
•good training
•good prospects
•aimed at A level leavers……..
•but stiff competition
•and not in Torbay
Super job number 1
KPMG – school leavers’ programme
Starting salary £20,000. 6 year
programme with fully funded degree
at Durham, Exeter or Birmingham
university & full chartered
accountancy qualification.
Super job number 2
Marks and Spencer
Trainee management scheme.
18 month scheme leading to
commercial management.
£18,000 starting, leading to £26,000 in
18 months.
Must be nationally mobile.
Super job number 3
Bank of England - Initial Entry Scheme
A levels required - £16,500
Take 20 a year
180 ucas points required (DDD)
Selection includes aptitude tests, group
exercises and interview by panel.
Super Job number 4
Trainee Air Traffic Controller
Must have five GCSEs grade C or above,
including English and Maths, and be over
the age of 18.
Online tests and a 3 day selection process.
1 year at air traffic control college on salary
of £10,000 + living allowance
£29,000 start salary once fully trained
Super job number 5
Good quality apprenticeships are on offer
each year with part time study for
qualifications up to HND/foundation degree
 Companies such as Centrax and Network Rail
usually recruit each year.
Super job number 6
Merchant Navy
Several shipping companies recruit cadet deck
or engineering officers.
 Qualifications taken part time to HND or
foundation degree level
 Good level of GCSE maths and physics
 Must be prepared to leave home!
Non degree career route 1 –
Institute of Legal Executives exams offer a non
degree professional route
 Starter jobs are usually in office admin for a
 ILEx training may then be offered at a later
 Trainee legal executive jobs rare directly from
Non degree career route 2 accounting
Association of Accounting Technician
exams available to non graduates
 Some local accounting firms do offer
trainee AAT vacancies.
 An office admin job for an accountants can
be an alternative starting point.
 “Super jobs” available with top
international firms
Non degree career
Route 5 –
Hospitality and tourism
Starter jobs available in travel agents,
tourist attractions, hotels, leisure facilities.
 Experience of different sectors useful for
 Plenty of opportunities in the South West
 Good opportunities to work abroard.
Non degree career
route 6 - Health
Interesting and rewarding
non degree jobs in healthcare  Pharmacy technician
 Phlebotomist
 Operating department practicioner
 Pathology technician
 and many more
 BUT – need the vacancies to be there
Seasonal work
Many interesting and varied short term
opportunities – UK and overseas
 Activity Leader PGL
 Teaching English overseas
 Chalet work – ski resort
 Camp America
 Fruit harvests Australia
 Travel reps
Part time study
Arranged by yourself or by your employer
Management and leadership
Be your own boss
Sea survival
Patisserie and confectionery skills
Painting and decorating
Etc etc
Courses shorter than 3 years
Foundation degrees – 2 years
 Diploma in Higher Education – Dip HE –
 Further Education - Horticulture
Vehicle repair
Professional catering
Uniformed services
Etc etc
Open University
Distance learning – from home – part time
 Degrees, foundation degrees, Dip HEs,
stand alone modules……..
 Huge range of subjects
 120 credits = 1 year of full time
 Fee for 60 credits £2,500
 Normal loans for tuition fees available
And don’t forget………
There is no longer a
career path.
It’s crazy paving.
And we lay it

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